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Appeared on: Friday, November 07, 2008
Evermore GT-800BT GPS

1. Features, specifications

Evermore is a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces quality GPS products for all categories of users. Lately, many GPS devices include logging features that give users the ability to track down the path and later analyze, add pictures and export them to the Internet. Such a device is the Evermore GT-800 we have in our hands today, a device aiming at Geo-tagging.

- Evermore GT-800BT

The Evermore GT-800BT is a Bluetooth GPS receiver that is both compact and portable. With GT-800BT, you can now add full GPS navigation capabilities to your PDA, smart phone or laptop at minimal cost while promising to offer the performance levels you may expect from a dedicated GPS navigator.

GT800 is a GPS solution which specific designed for Web2.0 user who loves to share their adventures with others. GT-800 provides free software Cmoremap AP which can helps you to organize your Track and Photos into a Digit Trip Diary (Moremap) and upload onto Free web space http://www.cmoremap.com. With the Three-Steps Easy Upload wizard in Cmoremap AP, everyone can easily become a Super Blog Writer! It's high sensitivity allows you to put it in anywhere you want without worries! (pocket/ backpack/ car compartment…). The long battery life can be continuous using for 24 hours. Lastly, you only need one USB cable to Plug-and-Play your track.

Powered by Li-ion rechargeable batteries with an impressive battery life, the GT-800BT is as easy to carry around as your mobile phone. Date transmission and connections via Bluetooth eliminate any need for wires, and the Bluetooth transmitter allows GPS data to be transmitted to your PDA, smart phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device within 10 meters.

- Features

- Specifications

General: L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code, 16-channel, Carrier-Aided with HWTrack©
Sensitivity : -158dB minimum
Update Rate : 1Hz

Position: 15m CEP without S/A
Velocity: 0.1 m/sec without S/A
Time: ±1μs
WAAS Accuracy Position: 3m CEP
Velocity: 0.05m/sec

Cold start: 34sec (average)
Warm start: 33sec (average)
Hot start: 3.5sec (average)

0.1 Second

Altitude: -1000m to 18000m
Velocity: 500m/sec
Acceleration: ±4g

NMEA-0183 V2.3, 8-None-1
Baud rate: Auto Adjustment 4800-115200bps
Datum:219 standard datum, default WGS-84
Antenna: Built-in Patch Antenna


Battery: Lithium-lon Rechargeable Battery 3.7V/1100mAH
Charger Power: 5V ±0.5Vp-p ripple DC
Current Consumption: 90 mA
Operation Time: Up to 15 Hours after full charge

Operation Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +90°C
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%

2. The package

Evermore GT-800BT GPS is currnently available in online stores for ~$99.

The product is obviously different than simple GPS solution due to its logging abilities.

In the package you will find only the essentials and we would like to see car charging adapter:

A big sticker inside the box provides basic instructions users should follow when they will use the device for the first time. The Evermore GT-800BT should be charged for 4 hours before first use. After powering on, the Green LED will light up indicating that the GT is performing the first time satellite fix. Once the green LED twinkle, the GT is ready to work. Sattelite fixing may take 3-5 minutes.

The Evermore GT-800 is a small, standard-sized GPS receiver and its weight is 60gr (including battery).

Below you can find information about the LEDs and buttons found on the device:

The main on/off switch is placed on the front side of the device. The mini-USB port for charging and connecting the device to the PC is placed at the bottom side.

Opening the case on the back, again we will find a warning about properly charging the device before use.

The bottom label gives us more details about the product's features.

3. Using the device

Apparently the Evermore GT-800BT can be used like any other GPS receiver connected to a variety of devices via BlueTooth, or as a GPS logger. Note that the Bluetooth enabled device has a passkey that you must type before you can pair with them. In our case, the passkey is four zeros (0000).

On the top of the device we find the Power button (clear plastic) and two indicator LEDs. To turn on the datalogger you have to push and hold the Power button for 3 seconds or more. This is a security mechanism that protects from non-intentional GPS activating the GPS unit. Once switched on, the data logger is activated on its own. The satellite LED will flash in green as soon as the GPS signal is fixed.

A "fix" is when the GPS has located the satellites and knows their position. After the power is turned on, press and hold the Power button for another 3 second to turn on the Bluetooth function. The Bluetooth LED will light solidly until the Bluetooth achieves pairing, and then the LED will start flashing slowly. Press and hold the Power button for more than 3 seconds and the device will be turned off.

In order to use the advanced features of the Moremapper included software, you will need to have a digital camera that will take pictures. A good idea is to make sure that the camera time is correct, according to the local time. Notice that if your digital camera is old you might need to reset the date after removing the battery.

Taking pictures in car while moving may result in tracking inaccuracies, so slowing down or even stopping the car before taking the picture would be a good idea. If you already have older pictures and you need to use them, you can still change the date/time within the Evermore Moremapper software.

Another neat feature of the Evermore GT-800BT is that it can be used to upload the logged files into the PC via the included USB cable. You don't need to install any additional drivers, just make sure the device is powered on before connecting the USB to the main computer. After moving the .EVR file to your PC you can later open it with the Evermore Moremapper software.

4. Evermore Moremapper Software

The latest version of the Evermore Moremapper software can be downloaded at the evermoregps.com.tw web page. For our tests we used the latest available version (

The installation process is very easy:

After finishing installation, we are ready to start software.

The first screen welcomes us and allows us to choose among the available (10) languages:

We had already recorded a route with the GT-800BT and transferred into the PC. At the top side of the main window there is the "Choose Track File" button. The software also prompted us to use some pictures we might have taken during this course.

(Click To Enlarge)

After loading the recorded route, the software connects to the Internet and "draws" the course using the Google maps as a background, giving a good visual result. Several statistics are also available on the top including speed, altitude and total distance. Of course you can playback the course at full speed or slower/faster:

(Click To Enlarge)

Under the Basic mode you cannot edit the route. For that you will have to switch to the Professional mode. More on this later..

(Click To Enlarge)

After that point you can upload the route to a free internet site called www.cmoremap.com.

In addition, you can add pictures and change their properties, as well as add comments. The software will automatically add the coordinates of the place you desire to place the picture.

(Click To Enlarge)

Our picture is placed and the geotagging tags were saved.

(Click To Enlarge)

(Click To Enlarge)

The software can be used in two modes, basic and professional. When you select the professional mode, more tabs are added (Camera Time, Settings, FAQ) to the main software window. Under the Settings we can also change the way the GPS logger works (interval, speed)

(Click To Enlarge)

In case your photos are not properly time/dated, you can change their attributes from the "Camera Time" tab.

(Click To Enlarge)

Under the Professional mode, you can also edit the selected route. By selecting starting and ending points you can place them on the desired points (drag) and then edit them (keep, delete, adjust). It may take you some time to get familiar with the procedure but it works just fine.

(Click To Enlarge)

Uploading the edited routes to the cmoremap.com web site allows other users to view them online.

5. GPS Receiver Tests

We paired all the tested GPS receivers with an Asus A6JA laptop, via the BT protocol. Each device has its own Serial port mapping under Windows. We placed the two GPS receivers side by side at the dashboard of our car. The same environmental conditions are valid for both receivers (night, clear sky, 25° Celsius ).

We recorded all the produced data for a preselected route with VisualGPS and later analyzed it with GPSLog. We couldn't measure the TTFF tests ("Time to First Fix" which is the time it takes for a GPS to determine its current position), since there isn't such a software under Windows XP.

Globalsat BT-338
Evermore GT-800BT


Average (in view)
Average (in use)
Average Signal Level (dB)
Maximum per Satellite
Average per Satellite

Comparing the SirfIII Globalsat BT-338 with the Evermore GT-800BT, we see that the Evermore device didn't maintain a 3D fix for the whole time, which is not so good. On the bright side, it always had more satellites in view/use compared to the Globalsat.. Lastly, the Average Signal levels for both GPS receivers were very high.

- Indoor Sensitivity

We placed both receivers inside a house and one meter away from the door. Both GPS receivers had a 3D fix, with the Globalsat device to perform slightly better.

6. Final Words

After spending several days using the Evermore GT-800BT I am very pleased with its features and its overall performance. This product can be used either as a typical BT GPS receiver with any kind of portable device or as a standalone GPS logger. It's weight is around 60gr which is not the lightest GPS available. However, the included battery is strong enough to keep the device up for around 24hrs.

So you may wonder, what kind of users can use this device and for which purpose. For sure, the Evermore product would be attractive for the following categories of users:

The included Moremapper software makes the above uses an easy task. It has a clean interface and works very good, even we would like to see some GUI polishes in upcoming versions.

As a GPS receiver it showed a good performance compared compared with the devices based on the SirfIII chipsets, although we should mention that the device didn't maintain stable 3D Fix during our course.

The included USB cable can be used to either charge the device or simply to transfer the recorded courses to the PC. And of course, the device can be installed easily with no additional drivers required.

Overall, we feel that the Evermore GT-800BT is a complete product which offers many functions and features. It's retail price is around ~$99, which is typical for such a product if you ask me. If you need a GPS logger with a good software support, the Evermore GT-800BT will be your companion for a long time during your trips.

The Positive

The Negative

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