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Appeared on: Monday, April 30, 2007
AKG K81DJ Headphones

1. Introduction

AKG is well respected among ordinary as well as enthusiast users. We were looking for a good pair of headphones that would accompany us on our road trips but is suitable for home use also. After looking around at a number of headphones, we decided to purchase the AKG K81-DJ. At a price of €50, these headphones promise very good quality. We will find out in this review if this promise is met.


- AKG K81-DJ Headphones

While the AKG K81-DJ headphones are intended primarily for DJ use, they are in fact also suitable for most situations, and can be used for informal parties right up to large-scale events. After all, amateur and semi-professional DJs need dependable equipment as well. The closed-back provides optimum isolation from ambient noise. The K81-DJ will take heavy use, and their high SPL capability ensures excellent sound quality. Finally, wearing comfort is as excellent as their powerful low end and accurate response.

Their distinguishing features include:

2. The Package

The retail package is small and "simple". The headphones can be found online at the retail price of €50~55 (+shipping). While the price range is not that high, we still had a lot of expectations for the AKG K81-DJ.

To sum it up, the retail package includes:

Several photos of the headphones:

Each earphone can be closed and adjusted so that they can be used either for both ears or just one, according to your needs:

The most interesting part of the 3D-Axis folding mechanism is that both earphones can be folded and make this headset truly portable and easy to carry:

3. Performance - Conclusion

After unpacking the headphones, I could wait to try them out. My first impression was rather "negative". There was too much pressure over my ears. Ouch, that hurt. But after a few minutes it got better as my ears started to get used to the high volume pressure that AKG K81-DJ advertises, especially for bass frequencies. Ok, that was expected since these headphones are meant to be used by DJs.

I started to look for other user comments and "strangely", I saw the same comments, at least when it comes to comfort:

In my opinion, while the headphones are light weight, comfort could be an issue with many users. But that's enough about comfort. Let's now move on to the sound quality. I don't claim to be an expert, but this is what I found:

Concluding this review, I have to say that you need to try any headphones before buying them, even if they are only €50. The AKG K81-DJ have proved to be very popular among enthusiast users, for their versatility and sound quality. On the other hand, I find them not very comfortable, especially after using them for a long period of time. Maybe it's a matter of personal taste, but I would like something much more comfortable, even at the expense of lesser sound quality. Nevertheless, a good choice for DJs, as these headphones do an excellent job of isolating external sounds and are at the same time, very affordable.

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