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Appeared on: Monday, December 04, 2006
Spracht Aura Mobile BT

1. Bluetooth Speaker Phone

Many of us have Bluetooth enabled cell phones and have discovered the ease (and safety) of hands free calling. As use of Hands Free Devices becomes state law in many states in the US, we need to find an easy and effective solution for talking when we drive. One of the great things about small, hands free speaker phones is that they can double as a hands free in the car and a speaker phone in the office. Enter Spracht's new Aura Mobile BT. Is this a single device that can serve "double duty" for all your Bluetooth needs?

About Spracht

Spracht is the acoustic division of parent company ODI, a recognized leader in digital imaging, acoustics, LCD image display, and other consumer electronics. Founded in 1993, Silicon Valley based ODI has developed best selling products, such as the Connectix Quickcam, for both Fortune 100 companies and technology notables such as Palm and Kensington.

The official line from Spracht is:

Conference on the Go! This lightweight Bluetooth speakerphone turns your mobile phone, PC/Mac (for VoIP calls), or cordless home phone into a high quality conference phone, yet is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.

Its dual speaker system provides crisp, clear audio, loud enough to use in your car, your hotel room, at your client's office, the beach or anywhere your day takes you!





Regulatory Compliance FCC, CE, IC, A-TICK Meets 1.2 Bluetooth® Standard

Supported Profiles Hands free, Activating handset, Answering incoming call, Turn off handset

Operating Range Up to 33’ (10 m)

Talk /Stand-By Time 4 hrs/ 24 hrs (Typical)

Microphone Noise canceling internal and external, 47 dB ± 4 dB sensitivity

Speaker/Amplifier Output Dual 1.5” (38 mm) speakers, output 95 dB at 2 watts, 3 watts maximum
output into 4 ohms

Operating Temperature 0-50° C

Storage Temperature -20 to 85° C

Controls and Interfaces

Electrical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications


Design of the Aura Mobile BT:

The Aura Mobile BT is a wonderfully designed Bluetooth Speaker phone/Car kit. At the center of the unit are two, visible speakers. A large power on/off button sits at one end of the unit and three LEDs on the other. The LEDs are green for power, Blue for Bluetooth connectivity and Amber for charging and pairing. Volume up/down buttons are along the right hand side and a Mute button and Bluetooth connect button are along the left hand side.

The back is very clever in that the very back of the unit pulls away from the chassis and becomes a very secure clip for the visor of the car.

Ease of Use:

The Aura Mobile was very easy to set up and use. Pairing was a snap - just charge the device, power it up and hold the Bluetooth button until the LED flashes amber and blue. Follow the typical Bluetooth setup on your phone, put in the famous 0000 pass code and you are ready to go.

I found that once paired, I never lost connectivity to the Aura Mobile. Each call I initiated from my mobile phone went right to the device. Similarly, incoming calls were routed right to the speaker phone. Ending calls, switching between calls, adjusting the volume and muting calls were very simple and straightforward.


The Aura Mobile BT really excels at giving the user a range of options for this device. It functions as a simple speaker phone for your desk or car - but this is really just scratching the surface of its capabilities. When the device is plugged into your pc with the included cable to the mic and headphone jack - you can use the Aura Mobile for initiating VoIP calls over the Internet. The Aura Mobile is compatible with Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other programs as well.

Sound Quality:

This is, as always, the make or break issue for Speaker Phones like the Aura Mobile. Fortunately, the Aura Mobile gets high marks for its call quality. Because of the echo cancellation and noise reduction using DSP technology, the Aura Mobile is as clear as any bluetooth speaker I have ever tested. Callers on the other end could not tell that I was on a speakerphone - let alone a cell phone. When I tried the unit in my car, I didn't have to turn down the radio or close my window in order to be heard.

On my end, calls were very clear. This unit can be quite loud (if that is what the user needs or wants.) Calls were very clear - there was no reverb, echo or static as sometimes is the case on bluetooth speaker phones. There is little more any user could ask for with regards to sound quality - it is simply excellent.


Overall Conclusions:

The Spracht Aura Mobile BT is one of the finest Bluetooth Speaker Phones on the market. Call quality is very clear. DSP technology filters out background noise like wind, radio, etc. The controls are large and well placed and easy to use whether in the car on the desk. The thin design makes for easy portability - and the included wall can car charger mean that you will never run out of power when you need it.




The Aura Mobile BT is available for US$149.00 at www.spracht.com

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