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Appeared on: Thursday, October 06, 2005
Apacer 2GB SD Memory Card

1. Features/Package

Apacer recently announced a new series of SD memory cards with capacities up to 2GB and high transfer reading/writing speeds (150X). Apacer kindly offered us the chance to test its new product and find out what we can expect from a 2GB SD card both in real life tests and under synthetic benchmarks.

- Features/Package

According to Apacer's press release, the 150X SD version 1.1 compatible flash card comes in capacities up to 2 GB and is great for use with digital cameras, PDAs, digital video cameras, MP3 players, camera phones and other multimedia products that benefit from SD storage with high read/write speeds. This Apacer 150X SD card has a super fast read speed of 22.54 MB/sec (150X compatible) and write speed of 15 MB/sec. There will be three capacities, 512MB, 1GB and of course the 2GB model that we will be testing here.

Apacer's 2GB memory card has the following features/specifications:

The package is quite simple, the 150X data transfer logo differentiates the Apacer memory from other, similar products ensuring that users will recognize its high reading/writing speeds. The card itself is labeled with the Apacer and SD logos and as you can imagine, can be used with all digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones and mp3 devices that support the SD format:

On the left side there is a mechanical write protect slide switch, providing added protection against accidental deletion of stored data.

2. Installation/Performance

For our benchmark tests, we used Sisoft Sandra 2005 SR2, HD Tach RW v3.0.1.0. In order for the system to recognize the card, we used TraxData's 11 in 1 memory card reader. All tests were conducted under the WinXP x64 environment with an ASUS P5GD2 Premium motherboard (USB2.0 compatible).

After connecting the TraxData card reader to the PC, we saw that the disc had 1.86GB free size, while the file system was FAT. You can also use FAT32, most digital cameras won't have any problem with it.

After firing up Sisoft Sandra, we first ran the Removable Storage/Flash Benchmark. This test gives a Combined Index and Endurance factor, compared to other known USB sticks. Unfortunately, Apacer's 2GB SD card didn't perform as expected, with low operations and minimum index

During the File System Benchmark, we understood why the Apacer 2GB SD card produced such a low performance in the above test. Its reading and writing performance seems very low. The 1.5GB read and 4GB write speeds is not exactly what Apacer advertises.

Continuing our tests, we used the well known HD Tach RW, giving us more or less the same results as before...

Furthermore, we used the Apacer 2GB SD card with a Canon Ixus 40, in 320x240 and 60fps mode. The card worked very well, as it also did at 640x480 and 30fps video capture mode. In all cases, the card had very fast response and didn't present any performance delays.

- Summary

Apacer delivers the 2GB SD cards on the market, rate at a very fast 150X and at a competitive price. Our tests showed that the reading/writing performance wasn't in line with the specs, but we didn't face any problems with our real life tests, especially with our Canon Ixus 40 in 320x240 at 60fps, which worked very well. Compatibility of the device can be considered as almost perfect. We tested the 2GB SD card with an MP3 player, a digital camera and a mobile phone, without any quirks or problems. We don't know the exact pricing as yet, but it should be competitively priced in a very aggressive market full of well known brands in memory cards.

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