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Appeared on: Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Google Talk Beta Preview

1. Introduction

From the very beginning, Google has provided us with a lot of first rate products and services. In its excellent search portal, google.com, with its revolutionary gmail.com, starting with 1gb of space that changes the minimum space with other e-mail providers, and some other projects like Google Earth, Google has finally introduced us with Google Talk, their new instant messenger.

Google Talk supports a fairly new way of communication whose quality can be highly rated and is of course free to all users. In addition, to facilitate free and effective communication, it supports open standards and the same protocols used by other clients, like Trilian and GAIM.


Let us now see what Google Talk has to offer us and whether the features provided are enough to make one change their current messenger.

2. System Requirments, Installation & Features

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP (Home & Pro)
Internet Connection
Microphone and Speakers (For voice calls)
Account by gmail.com

Download and Install from here (It's only 900kb) . There is nothing else to mention about the installation procedure as it is pretty simple apart from the fact that you will just have to use your gmail username and password to log-in.

Google Talk is in position of looking other clients right in the eye. Just like them, it can send instant messages, check your e-mails and now, by utilizing the new facility provided, you can also talk to your acquaintances in real time.

Google Talk is a very simple and easy to use messenger

Call your friends: Speed and quality are the best characteristics of this feature. You can hear the person(s) you are talking with, as if they were in the same room with with no lapses of time to interfere with the process. The only drawback in the case is that communication is accomplished on condition that they are also equipped with Google Talk. Yet, such a course of action is not necessary if instant message communication is required. It goes without saying that all is free.
Small size and a small amount of RAM memory needed: Google Talk is only 900kb and allocates only about 6mb in the memory each time you use it. It is about 3-4 times less than the memory normally needed. However, this is going to change in the final version.

The less RAM memory used by a program, the faster it is going to open and close. This feature is extremely helpful in terms of saving up memory

Check you e-mails without having to login:
With Google Talk you can check for new mails all the time and with just one click you can visit your inbox page. Also, when a new e-mail has arrived, Google Talk lets you read a sample without having to log into your account first. A very useful facility indeed.

With google talk you can check your mails faster that with any other messenger

Supports open standards and is compatible with many clients:
As we have already pointed out, Google Talk uses open standards and as a result it is compatible with many clients, such as the Trillian Pro.

3. Summary

Although it is still a beta, Google Talk is a promising service. And if look into the fact that some of its new features have not been announced yet, we can say that Google Talk is going to became one of your favorite messengers. One might find it very simplistic and not so impressive as the yahoo messenger or the MSN, but if you want a messenger that can do the job well and effectively, with no unnecessary visual effects, this is the messenger for you.
And don't forget, it is still a beta. A lot of things are to be changed in its final version and of course a lot of new features are due to be added.

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