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Appeared on: Thursday, April 03, 2003
Dicas Mpegable software capable of decoding Divio NW901 generated ASP MPEG-4 video and AAC audio

Divio Inc a pioneer in integrated digital video chip designs, today announced that the mpegable MPEG-4 Windows based software, developed by MPEG specialist dicas, is capable of decoding MPEG-4 video and audio generated by its single-chip NW901 MPEG-4 Codec for solid-state camcorders. mpegable offers real-time decoding of up to 30 fps 720x576 MPEG-4 ASP video, 2-ch AAC audio, and sophisticated de-blocking and de-ringing post-processing filters to improve visual quality.

Mpegable playback technology is immediately available for free download at www.mpegable.com and is offered for licensing to OEMs looking to bundle an MPEG-4 decoding software solution for use with Windows PCs.

NW901-compatible mpegable playback technology is available as a Microsoft DirectShow Filter plug-in, mpegable DS decoder, for Windows Media Player 6.x and up, as well as a stand-alone player application, mpegable Player. Both applications are ISO MPEG-4 compliant (Simple and Advanced Simple Profile), playing MP4 files and network-distributed streams. Both mpegable DS decoder and mpegable Player are less than 800KB in size.

The NW901 uses MPEG-4 compression to produce data rates that permit capture on solid-state FLASH memory cards. Solid-state camcorders utilize solid-state FLASH memory cards to store video, audio and still images. FLASH memory card storage replaces the tape-based mechanical systems of traditional camcorders, allowing them to be smaller, more convenient to use and cost-effective. MPEG-4 is becoming the de facto standard for portable and streaming video applications.

"Divio's NW901 MPEG-4 Codec is an enabling technology that will, beyond doubt, allow manufactures to build and market exciting, next generation solid-state camcorders to the consumer market," said Sebastian Moeritz, CEO of dicas. "Our mpegable software, interoperable with the NW901, provides users with multiple playback options on Windows PCs to ensure the finest MPEG-4 experience possible."

"Dicas has created a truly advanced MPEG-4 player, providing consumers with a powerful and easy to use solution that improves their overall viewing experience on the PC," said Steve Musallam, Director of Marketing at Divio. "The NW901 is driving a new breed of solid-state camcorders that capture 30 fps ASP MPEG-4 video and AAC audio that is best handled by mpegable software."

The NW901 MPEG-4 Codec was designed for manufacturers to develop all-in-one solid-state camcorders that combine natural motion 30 fps MPEG-4 video, high-fidelity AAC two-channel audio and up to four-megapixel digital still camera functionality. The NW901 offers best-of-breed technology for MPEG-4 video including I P and B frames, quarter-pel motion estimation and pre-processor temporal noise reduction. The NW901 is manufactured in a 0.18-micron process, and is packaged in a 277-pin TFBGA.

Both Divio and dicas are members of the MPEG-4 Industry Forum (booth SL2455 at NAB, www.m4if.org), which represents approximately 100 companies from diverse industries evenly distributed across North America, Europe and Asia, addressing MPEG-4 adoption issues that go beyond the charter of ISO/IEC MPEG.

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