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Appeared on: Friday, January 03, 2003
SunnComm Technologies partners with DCA, Inc

SunnComm Technologies, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with DCA, Inc., the industry leader in optical disc signal processing. The partnership between the two companies will enable an expeditious worldwide rollout of SunnComm's newest proprietary compact disc enhancement and copy-control system known as MediaMax CD-3 Technology.

The MediaMax suite of products will be available to every manufacturing plant hosting a DCA Mastering Interface System (MIS V6.42) signal processor. This partnership enables SunnComm and DCA to begin fulfilling a multitude of requests from the CD manufacturing industry to deploy the latest version of SunnComm's new MediaMax Technology without delay.

MediaMax CD-3 is a collection of technologies that provides copy control for CD/DVD audio discs while simultaneously enhancing and expanding the consumer's experience. MediaMax CD-3 is tightly integrated with Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows Media Platform and the Digital Rights Management capabilities associated with the latest Windows Media Platforms.

When a consumer puts a SunnComm CD in a computer's CD-ROM drive, the computer can read and play the protected Windows Media Audio files through SunnComm's proprietary, multimedia user interface but they will not be able to copy songs directly from the CD's main audio tracks. Instead, a second set of music files, also located on the disc itself, can be legally copied from the CD by the user and enjoyed on the user's personal computer or shared with friends for a limited period of time or number of plays using SunnComm's PromoPlay technology. However, those same music tracks cannot be sent through standard email or made available to file-sharing services such as KaZaA or Morpheus.

SunnComm's Chief Technology Officer, Eric Vandewater said, "The SunnComm development team has made tremendous progress working directly with the DCA's engineering staff who have ?gone the extra mile' in helping us shepherd our product into the manufacturing environment."

Doug Carson, CEO and Chairman for DCA, Inc. commented, "One of our main goals at DCA is to provide world class signal processing systems to the optical disc manufacturing industry and to produce leading-edge technology to support the needs of the marketplace. SunnComm's MediaMax CD-3 Technology brings a new level of stability, robustness, content enhancement and security to audio CD's. SunnComm is the first copy protection and enhancement process to offer a complete security system for digital audio on optical media from the point of creation, to the manufacturing of the final product, by using DCA's Optisend electronic transfer application."

Carson continues, "To further reduce rampant CD piracy, it is critical to utilize technology which additionally enables the music industry to protect its digital content until the album's release date. Optisend is specifically designed for shipping and receiving media destined for optical disc replication in a convenient, low cost, fast, secure and easy-to-use way. We are thrilled to be partnering with SunnComm and to be able to provide the music industry with an end-to-end security system upon which they can rely."

SunnComm's Chief Operating Officer, William H. Whitmore, Jr. said, "Feedback from the music industry on our MediaMax product suite has been overwhelmingly supportive. Implementing our technology into the manufacturing environment is our final step prior to concluding our first major record company contract. We are happy to report the process is on track and note that DCA has been a critical partner in accomplishing this important step. As an additional security feature, SunnComm will also be employing DCA's new Optisend technology to securely transmit encoder-ready content to manufacturing plants worldwide. This will be one of several methodologies utilized to secure the work-flow process of each album produced with MediaMax technology."

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