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Appeared on: Thursday, November 21, 2002
Software Architects announce WriteDVD! ™ Pro v5.0

Software Architects, Inc., the world’s first and leading supplier of disk drive utility software that uses the Universal Disk Format (UDF), announced the commercial release of WriteDVD! ™ Pro v5.0 for MS Windows™. Version 5.0 supports all types of recordable DVD drives and media, including new multi-function drives announced by DVD Forum member manufacturers and DVD+RW Alliance member manufacturers. .

Universal Support for All Recordable DVD and CD Devices WriteDVD! is the first integrated utility that provides “drag & drop” mastering to DVD-R, DVD+R and CD-R disks, as well as packet writing to DVD-RW and CD-RW discs, block addressable writing to DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and Mt. Rainier format CD-RW discs. This is ideal for new “multi function” drives that use a variety of media types.

Integrated Backup and Archival
Version 5.0 includes SAI’s Anaconda™ Secure Backup & Archival technology. This patent pending technology allows users to write sets of files in multiple writing sessions to “write once” CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R discs.

Unlike conventional “multi-session” writing, WriteDVD! ‘s Anaconda functionality allows the user to browse and access each separate writing session, or “generation”. The list of file generations is presented in the Property Sheet of the drive in Windows Explorer™. Once a generation is selected, the user can access the disc as it existed at the time of the selected writing session.

Version Control and File Recovery
Users can roll back through writing generations to check on each version of a file that was written to the disc. Files that were deleted or damaged in more recent generations can be recovered by accessing the appropriate earlier generation on the disc. Users can record, browse and access each version of a file written to the disc; Ideal for legally sensitive files, such as accounting records, contract drafts and legal documents.

Compatibility and Security
Like conventional multi-session discs, only the latest generation file set written to the disc can be read in any MS Windows system that has a UDF v1.5 file system reader installed. Previous generations can only be accessed on other systems where WriteDVD! v5.0 is installed. This provides security for earlier versions of files and deleted files, while allowing distribution and use of the disc for the latest written file set.

Key Features:

- “Drag & Drop” Drive Letter Interface integrated with Windows Explorer™ makes it easy to read, write or master to optical disc.
- Copy, arrange and remove files from DVD-R, DVD+R or CD-R volumes.
- Supports background formatting of CD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs.
- Supports “disc at once” mastering and “track at once” mastering in a multi-session format to sequential recording discs, packet writing to CD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs, and block addressable writing to DVD-RAM discs.
- Advanced, “multi-threaded” architecture allows user to run other applications while DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-R discs are being mastered in the background.
- Formats in all versions of UDF to ensure disk interchange with all desktop operating systems: UDF v1.0.2, v1.5, v2.0, v2.0.1.
- Reads and writes DVD video files in the real time recording format.
- Backup files with multi-session writing to “write once” discs.
- Browse and access older “generations” of files that have been changed or deleted in the most recent writing session.
- Read compatible with MS Windows UDF readers for disk interchange.

Key Benefits:
• Easy to use: nothing to learn by the user
Fast: drag & drop files to disc, background formatting where supported by the drive
Reliable Disk Interchange with other operating systems
Versatile: use for standard data storage applications and video mastering and recording in one simple utility
Secure: access and review previous writing sessions only with Version 5.0 installed
Reliable: tested for reliable reading/writing and disc interchange use with all types of recordable optical media, PC operating systems and recordable DVD drives.

Systems Support:
Supports computer systems running MS Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP. Recommend 128 Mbytes RAM and 5 Gbytes of hard disk space for use with DVD-R and DVD

Compliant with Industry Standards
WriteDVD! Pro™ v5.0 is compliant with DVD Forum specifications for Real Time Recording Files (VRO video files), UDF file system and UDF format. The software also complies with the OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association) implementation guidelines for UDF. Version 5.0 complies with MMC-3 and “Mt. Fuji Group” specifications for device drivers to support advanced recording features, including Quick Grow, Quick Format and Multi-border functionality. The software also supports “Mt. Rainier Initiative” specifications for formatting, writing and defect management to advanced CD-RW drives

Pricing & Availability
List Price: $80.00 US. Available December 2002

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