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Appeared on: Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Ulead DVD MovieFactory v2.0 released

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing and DVD creation software, today introduced Ulead(R) DVD MovieFactory(TM) 2.0, the latest version of one of the top selling consumer-level DVD creation software in the market. DVD MovieFactory 2.0 gives home and office users an affordable and easy-to-use tool for sharing high-quality videos and digital image slideshows on DVDs and CDs. The software's innovative DVD technology lets anyone easily and quickly transform videos and photos into polished DVDs while providing flexible editing and archiving options.

DVD MovieFactory 2.0 offers advanced Disc-Direct(TM) capture technology to let users save time by authoring a DVD straight from a camcorder or other video source to a DVD disc without writing to the computer hard drive. In addition, DVD MovieFactory 2.0 leverages the DVD+RW video recording standard endorsed by Sony, Hewlett Packard, Phillips, and others, to equip users with flexible "on-disc" editing tools for archiving and reusing video and photos on DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs time and time again, right on the disc.

"DVD MovieFactory 2.0 is unique in the consumer DVD creation category for having the most advanced direct-to-disc capture and disc re-editing technology available," says Lewis Liaw, chairman of Ulead, USA. "With the ability to effortlessly burn video directly from a camcorder to a DVD, then share, retrieve or re-edit media on a DVD disc, DVD MovieFactory 2.0 makes the DVD format an exciting and compelling medium for anyone who wants to preserve and share memories."

Competitive Stance

The DVD technological advances provided in DVD MovieFactory 2.0 go beyond those offered by other consumer-level DVD creation products to give users higher-quality video, faster capture to disc, and optimal flexibility when re-editing discs. DVD MovieFactory's Disc-Direct technology lets users rapidly capture video on the fly from a TV, DVD player, VCR, DV camcorder, and other devices directly to a DVD or CD disc. After choosing a menu template and scene detection type, the video is directly burned onto the disc, altogether bypassing the user's hard drive. Competing DVD creation products lose time storing the video to a user's hard drive before burning the DVD. Furthermore, they do not offer multiple options for scene detection and menu navigation, nor the ability to add multiple videos to a project.

Unlike other DVD creation products that support the restrictive proprietary format of Open DVD(TM), DVD MovieFactory uses the DVD+RW video recording format. This format facilitates archiving and editing of video on DVD discs, giving users myriad options when editing and re-editing projects. Besides adding and deleting videos, such flexibility lets DVD MovieFactory 2.0 users trim and cut video as well as add and hide chapters -- options that are unavailable in other DVD creation software.

About DVD MovieFactory 2.0

Ulead(R) DVD MovieFactory(TM) 2.0, with its enhanced wizard-style creation workflow, makes turning home videos into DVD movies an easy process using CD or DVD burners. Gather video clips from hard drives or pre-authored DVD discs, or capture from camcorders through analog or firewire directly to the DVD-ready MPEG format. Use ready-to-go templates that can be customized to create exciting interactive scene selection menus. Add music, text, and captions to liven-up DVD presentations. Burn projects as DVDs, VCDs, or SVCDs for playback on home DVD players or computers with DVD playback software.

DVD MovieFactory 2.0 facilitates the creative process by eliminating wait-time at the beginning of a DVD project through encoding multiple file formats at the end of a project. Store, retrieve, and re-edit project files on a DVD at any time with "on disc" editing. Re-burn the new project file on the same DVD and watch the newly updated DVD in a DVD player.

For instant results, use Disc-Direct to capture files directly from a camcorder or other video source to a DVD or VCD. Just pick a menu template and DVD MovieFactory automatically captures, creates menus, encodes and burns the DVD without writing to the hard drive. DVD MovieFactory 2.0 also creates high-quality digital image slideshows and accepts DVD ROM data, perfect for businesses and home users who want to include documents and archival media along with DVD videos and slideshows.

DVD MovieFactory 2.0 includes Photo Express My Custom Addition PLUS to easily edit and clean up photos for slideshows. This bonus software also prints customized disc labels and case covers for DVDs and CDs.

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