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Appeared on: Wednesday, November 13, 2002
MedioStream's video recording support revolutionizes DVD authoring

With its industry-first Video Recording (+VR) support for DVD+RW drives, MedioStream, a leading provider of PC-based software for recording video to DVDs and CDs, is the only company that offers a software solution that turns DVD+RW drives into a VCR with editing features.

With MedioStream's neoDVDstandard or neoDVDplus software, users can use a DVD+RW disc much as they would a VHS tape. On a previously created DVD disc, users can add or delete clips, edit menu titles, modify background design, change menu layouts and burn the updated video onto the same disc at a later date, without having to recreate or burn another disc.

For example, a childhood's worth of memories can be stored on a DVD+RW disc through the years. As the child grows older, new footage can be added, such as first steps, first words and first day at school, on the same disc, preserving childhood memories on high-quality DVD that can be updated as new milestones are reached.

MedioStream's +VR support is the only solution that conforms to currently existing industry standard. This means that users can take advantage of a variety of new advances in DVD technology, regardless of what they are or which manufacturer makes them, and that discs created with neoDVD will work with a variety of consumer devices, such as PCs, TVs, VCRs and set-top DVD recorders.

"Our Video Recording support gives users the chance to create DVDs in a way that is as familiar to them as taping something using their VCR," said Gordon Doran, MedioStream Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "In the past, once a disc had video burned onto it, it was locked. Even on a rewritable disc, you can overwrite the entire content but you cannot simple modify it. With our Video Recording support, a created DVD disc becomes a living document that can be added to or edited as you see fit."

Pricing and Availability

neoDVDstandard 4.0 is available at www.mediostream.com at a price of $29.99 for the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) download version. neoDVDplus 4.0 is available is available at www.mediostream.com at a price of $49.99 for the ESD download version or $59.99 plus shipping and handling for the boxed CD version. neoDVDplus 4.0 will also be available at OfficeMax, CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, and Micro Center by the end of October.

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