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Appeared on: Wednesday, October 09, 2002
NTI Backup NOW! adds support for DVD-RAM/R OEM drive from Panasonic

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) and Panasonic Industrial Company announced today the compatibility of NTI Backup NOW!® 3.0 Deluxe, NTI's award-winning backup and recovery software, and Panasonic's LF-D311SC, a combination 4.7GB DVD-RAM/R drive. With support for the dual-technology drive, Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP users have a single storage solution for appending or overwriting backups on rewritable DVD discs and secure archiving on write-once DVD-R General Use media. The random access capabilities of DVD-RAM/R technology and NTI Backup NOW!'s powerful recovery software also combine for fast, easy restoration of lost or corrupted files.

Designed for novices and experienced users, NTI Backup NOW! speeds and simplifies the backup and recovery of local and mapped drives. With the easy-to-use scheduler, full system backups and backups of new or changed files can be carried out automatically, without human intervention. Users can even create a bootable disc that will let them easily restore a crashed system to the state of the last full backup, including all data and Windows settings.

The high capacity and low storage cost of DVD media make this OEM DVD-RAM/R drive ideal for storing large data, video, audio, image, and multimedia files. The drive also reads CDs and plays back DVDs, making the drive's street price of less than $300 even more cost-effective.

"When individuals and organizations have cost-effective tools that make backup and archiving easy, they're more likely to be conscientious about protecting their data," said Bill Yao, President and CEO of NTI. "By combining the DVD-RAM/R drive with NTI Backup NOW!, people can use the same software and the same storage device for backups and archiving simply by exchanging discs."

Offering seven times the capacity of a CD, a single-sided 4.7GB DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc can store 4,700 full-color pictures (640x480, 24 bit/pixel), 2 hours of MPEG-2 theater-quality video, more than 7 hours of CD-quality audio or the equivalent of 8 four-drawer filing cabinets.

"The DVD-RAM/R drive can be used with NTI Backup NOW!'s automatic scheduling feature and compression options to enable unattended backup of an entire 9 or 10GB hard drive to a single side of a 4.7GB DVD disc," noted Dana Berzin, DVD product manger for Panasonic Industrial Company's Global Computer Group. "And when NTI Backup NOW!'s powerful recovery features are used with the random-access capabilities of DVD, restoring a lost or accidentally deleted file begins in seconds because unlike tape, there's no waiting for rewinds."

The versatile DVD-RAM/R drives can be used to write to both rewritable DVD and write-once DVD discs. With built-in error correction, random access, more than 100,000 overwrites and a 30-year data life, the life cycle cost of 4.7GB DVD-RAM media is substantially lower than tape.

The DVD-R General media's write-once format, 100-year data life and low cost make it an excellent solution for archiving. In addition, because DVD-R General discs can be played back by most of the DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives in use throughout the world today, archives can be shared with friends, remote offices and business partners.

Pricing, Availability

NTI Backup NOW! 3.0 Deluxe is compatible with all Windows operating systems, including Windows XP. The software is available from leading retailers, NTI's online store at www.NTIus.com, and other online retailers for an estimated retail price of US$79.99. Volume Site Licenses are available for businesses directly from NTI at a discount price based on volume. The OEM bundle version of NTI Backup NOW! 3.0 is also shipping to CD, DVD, and Hard Drive component manufacturers and PC/notebook system manufacturers.

Panasonic's DVD-RAM/R DVDBurner is available for both retail and OEM applications. Panasonic Industrial Company offers the LF-D311SC DVD-RAM/R DVDBurner to OEMs with volume pricing.

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