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Appeared on: Friday, October 04, 2002
DVD Forum conference taken place in Japan

DVD Forum "DVD Forum Japan Conference 2002" was held in Chiba Makuhari yesterday. The main issues that discussed were the "HD-DVD", "DVD-Audio recording", and "DVD Multi" standard...

Translation comes from Japanese text, so there will be errors...

"...- HD-DVD

There was a discussion for "HD-DVD" either using "HD-DVD9" (with the use of red laser) or "Blue Laser DVD" (with the use of violet (blue) color laser). DVD Forums aims at HD-DVD9 reading, and use of Blue Laser DVD for re-writing. There will be a new DVD-Video standard in June, 2003. HD-DVD9 records HD image on 8.5GB of two layer disk (DVD-9) of ROMs with which TCG (Technical Coordination Group) is advancing examination. Red laser is used for reading.

MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc. have gone up as a compression format of HD-DVD9. When the test recorded by the bit rate of about 5-15 Mbps by these systems is performed, the result of MPEG-4 says that it was good and remarkable quality of image was obtained by about 7 Mbps.

On the other hand, Blue Laser DVD using laser with a wavelength of 405nm, the start of an argument was accepted by Steering Committe in February. In response, WG11 of a speciality is established newly. Four meetings are held by the end of May.

Inquiring is 0.6mm thick disk, "Option A" of NA (lens opening) 0.65, and 0.1mm thick disk and "Option B" of NA 0.85. Option A is set to 18-20GB, and, as for disk capacity, Option B is set to 28-32GB. Although capacity is small, Option A tends to take compatibility with DVD conventionally. Since Option B with large capacity has the thin disk, surface-of-a-sphere compensation is needed, and compatibility present [DVD] has the feature of being hard to take.

Examination work is done for these two systems, respectively by the low rank organization, and TG 11-1 (Option A) and TG 11-2 (Option B) of TG11. TG 11-1 is the stage which finished the evaluation of a test disk. The meeting of TG 11-2 is postponed now by "Blu-ray Disc" which resembled Option B well on the other hand having been announced from other than the forum. Instead, adjustment with each Blu-ray Disc camp company is performed.

■ Also the recording standard for DVD audios

LOGO of the DVD multi-apparatus introduced by President of DVD FLLC. Two kinds, a player and a recorder, were shown. WG4 treating a DVD audio published "DVD Audio Recording BOOK Ver 0.9" in July.

According to it, although compression form is not asked, record by LPCM and PPCM serves as an indispensable condition. Moreover, common copyright information (DRM:Digital Right Management information) is defined, and electronic distribution is also supported.

Characteristic one is having permitted MOVE as well as MD etc. The music data which MOVE(ed) to other media is eliminated from a former disk.

"Combination DVD" was introduced to others as a new definition. This is what stuck the disk of two sheets based on the DVD format. At the hall, the example which the Ath page called DVD-ROM and the Bth page called DVD-RAM was given. It is said that it is that "which was responded to voice from the user".

The extended standard called "Optional Specification" was also announced. There are a thing [ finishing / issue / already ] and three, "4X Speed DVD-R Rev.1.0", "2X Speed DVD-RW Rev.1.0", and "3X Speed DVD-RAM Rev.1.0.".

In addition, "Interactive DVD" is in an examination stage as Optional Specification now. This adds a Web page accessing function, a slide show function, etc. to DVD video.

Although the DVD-ROM part of DVD video is resembled, operation with a player simple substance is also taken into consideration, and it is told to a player that an Internet connectivity function etc. is required..."

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