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Appeared on: Friday, July 12, 2002
Oak Technology supplies high-speed controller for CyberDrive's 40X/16X/48X recorder

Oak Technology today announced that CyberDrive's new CW078D CD-R/RW (Compact Disc Recordable/ReWritable) recorder uses Oak's optical storage controller technology. Designed around Oak's OTI-9797T controller, the CW078D features industry leading 40X CD write speed, 16X CD-RW re-write speeds and is capable of reading CD discs at 48X speed. This permits the CW078D to write a 74-minute audio CD-R disc in just two and a half minutes and to re-write a 650MB data CD-RW disc in approximately four and a half minutes.

CD-R/RW drives are the fastest growing segment of the optical storage market and are rapidly replacing CD-ROM read-only drives in both business and home PCs. The business market for CD-R/RW drives is driven by the requirement to exchange files of up to 650MB in size for which the old 1.4MB floppy diskette standard is inadequate. The home PC market uses CD-R/RW drives for a range of applications including the creation of custom audio CDs and data archiving. The CW078D recorder will be sold by CyberDrive into both the business and home markets through after-market retail sales and as standard equipment on major PC OEM's systems.

"The market has always required ever-faster CD-R recording, but increasingly the emphasis is on the need for faster CD-RW recording. Oak's OTI-9797T controller has enabled the CW078D to be one of the first drives on the market to combine 40X CD-R and 16X CD-RW speeds, allowing CyberDrive to offer our customers the fastest drive available today," said Ray Wu, vice president of marketing for CyberDrive. "The ExacLink™ technology incorporated in the CW078D drive provides our customers with the highest success rate and disc quality under all circumstances. Combined with Oak's high level of silicon integration, the OTI-9797T single-chip controller provides performance and quality at a competitive price to our customers."

"The high performance of the CyberDrive recorder once again demonstrates that Oak is leading the market by providing our customers with a controller that enables the highest CD-R and CD-RW performance," said Clark Foy, vice president of product marketing for Oak's Optical Storage Group. "It's a speed war in the CD recording market, and the OTI-9797T enables our customers to maintain their leadership in this highly competitive business."

Oak's OTI-9797T Controller

Oak's OTI-9797T controller employs partial and full CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) write plus dynamic write strategy, allowing a high degree of programmability and flexibility in the implementation of CD-R and CD-RW write strategies. In addition to a highly automated block decoder/encoder, the OTI-9797T integrates a 48X CD-DSP that uses a proprietary slicing technique and digital symmetry control to offer increased frequencies and gain programmability. The OTI-9797T digital CD servo provides highly accurate and advanced track counting, enabling the unit to jump an exact number of tracks - up to 2047 tracks - to substantially reduce seek time.

The CD wobble decoder/servo block supports speeds up to 48X and allows CD encoding at all legacy speeds from 1X to 48X and provides tracking CLV servo control up to 48X. Tracking CLV is an advanced feature for partial CAV and Zoned CLV drives which allows for constant average speed recording that tracks motor speed variations resulting in higher fidelity recording speeds compared to actual media speed. The OTI-9797T has also integrated audio DAC and filter circuitry.

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