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Appeared on: Tuesday, July 09, 2002
WAITEC announces Storm48 (48X/16X/48X)

Waitec still wants to provide with first quality high speed drives, is proud to introduce the new 48x called Storm 48. The Strom 48, will increase the existing CD-RW range, combining reliability and velocity with a 48x writing speed, 16x re-writing and 48x read out CD speed. Thanks to its very fast and safe Digital Audio Extraction up to 48x, you can spare a lot of your time in creating your own audio compilation. Storm 48 is of course featuring SafeLink technology that prevents buffer under run errors and makes perfect recordings. A comfortable 2MB internal buffer supports this technology.

Main Features:
- Fastest drive on earth
- 48x 16x 48x
- Amazing 16x re-writing speed
- Fast Digital Audio Extraction : up to 48x
- Safe recording thanks to SafeLink technology that prevents Buffer UnderRun errors

Main Features:

Data rate/write: 7200 KB/sec (48x)
Data rate/rewrite: 2400 KB/sec (16X)
Data rate/read: maximum 7200 KB/sec (48X)

Average Access time: 100 ms, typical
Interface E-IDE/ATAPI
Buffer Size 2 Mbytes
Writing Mode Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, Session-at-once, Multisession, Packet writing, Raw writing
Disc Size 80 mm and 120 mm CD discs
Disc Formats CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM (mode1 and mode 2), CD-ROM XA (mode 2, form 1 and form 2), CD-DA, Bootable CD, Photo CD (single- and multi-sessions), Video CD, CD-Extra, Mixed mode CD, CD-text
Audio Performance Signal-to-noise ratio: 75 dB min.
Number of stereo channels: 2
Distortion: less than 2%
Max. Analog audio line output: 1.50 Vpp at 47 Kohms (max)
Max. Analog headphone output: 1.30 Vpp at 33 ohms (max)
Sampling frequency: 44.1 KHz
Power Requirement DC 5 Vą5%, Maximum 1.8 ADC 12 Vą5%, Maximum 1.8 A
Environment Conditions Operating temperature: 5 0C~35 0C (410F~1040F) at humidity of 50% RH
Non-operating temperature: -20 0C~60 0C (-4 0F~140 0F)
Non-operating humidity: 20%~90% RH
Reliability characteristics MTBF: 60,000 POH
Error rate: 10-12 after error correction, 10-9 hard read error
Physical characteristics Dimension: 146 X 42 X 198 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 1.0 Kg
Firmware Update Flash memory upgradeable
Panel Design Front panel: load/eject button, audio play/skip button, thumbwheel volume control, reading/writing indicator and 3.5 mm headphone jack

Rear panel:
IDE bus connector, power supply connector, master/slave jumper, digital audio output connector, analog audio line-out connector

OS Compatibility Windows 95/ 98/ ME / NT 4.0/ 2000/ Xp System Requirement IBM PC compatible Pentium 200MHz or higher; 64MB DRAM, 1GB for Image recording, 150MB free HD space for installing writing software

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