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Appeared on: Thursday, January 10, 2002
Recordable DVD Council announces support for DVD Forum's new DVD multi specifications at CES

As part of its commitment to build increased understanding of the recordable DVD formats established by the DVD Forum, the Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) announced at its CES press conference today that it will expand its support to include the Forum's new DVD Multi specifications. DVD Multi, is a set of hardware specifications developed to enable disc compatibility for virtually all formats officially created by the DVD Forum

In an impressive display of hardware and software products that support or incorporate the DVD Forum-approved recordable formats, DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW, members of the RDVDC provided demonstrations of exciting new products that bridge the gap between audio/video and computer applications. The broad variety of products from a growing number of RDVDC-member technology developers and marketers, underscores the vast potential of these recordable DVD technologies for consumer, entertainment and business applications.

The recordable formats enable users to seamlessly fuse various digital media and archive huge amounts of data for a broad range of applications for personal computing, home entertainment and digital video recording.

Established in March 2000, the RDVDC has quickly grown to nearly 85 technology developers and manufacturers whose products comply with the DVD Forum-approved recordable DVD formats. The Council, which encourages information exchange among members, the business community, technology developers and the public, has launched a major outreach campaign featuring educational and informational programs and demonstrations of cutting-edge recordable DVD products at major trade shows such as CES.

RDVDC members include some of the world's largest consumer electronics companies who are popularizing the recordable DVD formats with the introduction of many innovative products at CES.

Reflecting on the rapidly increasing demand for recordable DVD solutions, RDVDC Chairman Bon-Guk Koo, senior corporate advisor and former executive vice president of Samsung Electronics said: ``We, the RDVDC and Samsung, are very pleased with the growth of the Recordable DVD formats and the RDVDC membership. All of the components -- hardware, software and media -- are now available with economical pricing, enabling consumers to make the transition to Recordable DVD. The new RDVDC programs will help consumers choose the best technology for their applications.''

Demonstrating Panasonic's support for RDVDC, Dr. Paul Liao, president of Panasonic Technologies Company and chief technology officer of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, confirmed that Panasonic will continue to play a major role in the RDVDC. ``Panasonic supports the recordable DVD formats specified by the DVD Forum, and is committed to bringing the exciting reality of professional, business, and consumer recordable DVD to fruition,'' said Dr. Liao. Panasonic introduced its second-generation DVD video recorder in 2001, and markets a range of home and portable DVD products with DVD-RAM/DVD-R playback capability.

In discussing his company's support for RDVDC, Mr. Shingo Kawata, Associate Director of Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC), noted that, ``Since the Recordable DVD Council was established, JVC has been active in promoting the features and benefits of all of the recordable DVD formats approved by the DVD Forum. JVC offers the complete range of recordable DVD media as well as a DVD-RAM Video Recorder and a DVD Library System,'' he explained. ``We will continue to support these formats with products that meet customer requirements and will be a key player in supporting the new DVD Multi specification.''

Similarly, Mr. Hisashi Yamada, Chief Fellow of Technology, Digital Media Network Company, Toshiba Corporation, pointed out that Toshiba was one of the first to deliver the DVD Forum's DVD-RAM technology and continues to believe that the DVD Forum standard provides users with the optimum rewritable storage technology. ``We are also expanding our support for Forum-compliant Recordable DVD technologies to meet a broad spectrum of user requirements.''

Echoing Mr. Yamada's supportive comments, Dr. Akira Shibata, Corporate Chief Engineer of Digital Media, Hitachi, Ltd., said: ``Hitachi has been devoted to expanding the market of Recordable DVD products. In consumer products, we have been focusing on portable recordable DVD products. For instance, Hitachi introduced the world's first DVD CAM in 2000 and has just announced a second-generation model. In the computer arena, we have and continue to promote the DVD Forum recordable DVD formats. It's the first drive that can read and write all recordable DVDs approved by the DVD Forum, as well as CD-R/RW discs.''

Adding his voice in support of recordable DVD, Dr. Shyhyeu Wang, Director of R&D Division, Ritek Corporation commented: ``As the largest media manufacturer in the world, Ritek will dedicate its full strength to support and promote DVD recordable formats. Ritek will use its extensive manufacturing experience to reduce the manufacturing cost of media and to produce excellent quality media for everyone in the world to enjoy these excellent products.''

As evidence of the growing interest in RDVDC and the formats it supports, the Council welcomed 11 new member companies during the press conference, which brings the total number of RDVDC members to 83. The new members include:

Prodisc Technology Inc.
DAX Archiving Solutions
SCM Microsystems, Inc.
Software Architects, Inc. (SAI)
GEAR Software
LaCie Ltd.
MedioStream, Inc.
NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI)
Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Gigmedia Publications

``The economies of scale that come with higher volumes will enable us to offer DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW media at a lower cost,'' said Tony Hsu, Executive Vice President of Prodisc Technology Inc., one of the latest companies to join the RDVDC. ``And, with the computerized inspection technologies that we have in place, our customers will have the same superior quality they have come to expect from Prodisc.'' Hsu added that compliance with the DVD Forum specifications also provides Prodisc customers with the assurance that the DVD media they purchase today can be used in the DVD-Multi drives that are becoming available.

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