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Appeared on: Wednesday, October 17, 2001
TEAC introduces CD-W524E

TEAC will present its new CD-RW drive CD-W524E as early as October. According to the manufacturer, the high-speed CD writer with a burning performance of 24x in write or 10x in rewrite mode, will again set new standards for CD-RW drives. The reason for that are in particular the numerous details with which TEAC has equipped its new drive.

Just as high data transfer rates of 3.6 MB/s during simple writing and 1.5 MB/s during rewriting of CD-Rs are a matter of course to TEAC, so is a sufficiently dimensioned 2 MB buffer. (This intermediate memory is used to temporarily store data in the PC’s working storage from where they are released when required. The buffers keep on being filled from the hard disc, so that a continuous access to the data is ensured.) The simple installation at the ATAPI/IDE interface, the proven plug-and-play ability and the tested MTBF time of 100.000 hours also leave nothing to be desired.

It must be stressed that, both with regard to the mechanical as well as the electronic components, TEAC has attached particular importance to achieving excellent burning results when designing the CD-W524E. This concerns first of all the chassis: at extremely high recording speeds, strong vibrations of the drive cannot be ruled out. Unlike those of a multitude of competitors, the TEAC drive’s chassis therefore consists of 1.2 mm strong metal. Its distortion resistance reduces vibrations to a minimum, thus meeting one of the requirements for excellent recording results.

Akkurates "Track Positioning"
During writing, the laser develops far more energy than during data reading. If the writing speed increases, this difference increases even more. In extensive tests, TEAC has established that in addition to that, the laser keeps on taking up different positions during the writing and reading process, which in the end may lead to irregularities and quality losses during burning. To prevent this from happening, TEAC has developed a new electronic control which automatically lets the laser ‘touch down’ at the correct spot on the CD (advanced servo circuit: ASC).

Write Proof
The CD-W524E kit is supplied with a write proof function. This write proof function includes both a protection that prevents a buffer underrun and a running OPC (optimum power control). After an analysis of the CD blank’s surface, this function automatically controls the burning speed and with that avoids faulty recording operations caused by excessive writing speeds, thus offering a double protection against the data stream breaking off during recording.

In order to achieve the high writing speed, the new TEAC drive operates with zoned constant linear velocity as recording technology. ZCLV means that, starting from the inside, the CD is subdivided into three zones of varying writing speed. To put it simply, the drive is able to automatically synchronise these three areas during burning, consequently always achieving a linear speed.

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