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Appeared on: Monday, December 11, 2000
User alert: Creative Labs CDR-W drives problems..

Here is an interesting email we got. We cannot confirm or reject this email. Your info is important! If you can help about this issue please email us!

Update: As it seems the 3 models which descibed in below they don't have the same ID code even they are 8/4/32. As Martin emailed us there are 3 currently different Creative 8/4/32 models out. Another viewer added the latest build (8438):
- Creative CD-RW8432 (based on Plextor PX-W8432 2MB buffer)
- Creative CD-RW8433 (based on Panasonic CW-7585B 2MB buffer)
- Creative CD-RW8435 (based on Samsung SW-208 4MB buffer)
- Creative CD-RW8438 (based on Sanyo ?, doesn't support CD-Text and overburn)

There is also a picture which shows the 3 first Creative model differences. So take care when you decide to buy Creative's 8/4/32 model..

"...I work in a well known computer shop in France and i noticed some interesting things about Creative Labs products...3 months ago we got their 8/4/32 CDRW drive that was a cool thing to use. It had the same face as the ide Plextor 8x and 12x drives. It also had the 1.05 firmware version when the plex 8x has a 1.05 too so i said this is a Plextor based drive. We had none of these drive coming back to us.

Then we had another shipment (i cannot say any other word sorry...) of these drives but they had PANASONIC faces and had the same firmware revision as the Panasonic drives had (don't remember which one). 80% of theses drives were dead in the box. The ones we got today have Goldstar faces. What is going on? It Creative Labs trying to trick users?

I remember Memorex doing the same thing in December 1998, shipping YAMAHA drives with memorex printed on. Then we Said "Damned those drives are good" and they were! In February they were selling drives of any other taiwaneese brand..."

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