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Appeared on: Tuesday, May 02, 2000
HITMEN's "DreamCast Debug Handler"

We had posted that info Thursday April 27 2000. HITMEN's website updated and cover the whole story with lot of pics:

"..This is the story about the first known Dreamcast development hack by Skywalker of RealWorld Technology/Hitmen. After 5 months of reversing and development we are proud to present YOU the ultimate hardware for the dreamcast called ..."Dreamcast Debug Handler" (DDH)

The hardware is currently an interface beetween a Host (PC/Amiga,...) and the Dreamcast itself, but its designed even to run standalone on the DC to give you the builtin functions without the need of a Host. All functions are menu driven on the DC like an "A*tion R*play" on other consoles. The hardware is currently connected to the Dreamcast using a 50pin SUB-D connector. Nearly all pins are used(40), so its quite a little work to solder this connector inside your Dreamcast! The connection between host and DDH is performed using a standard Parallelport. This allows you to easily connect your DDH to a host system which offers a single ParPort, even unidirectional protocol is supported. Using this, you have powerful control over your Dreamcast from the hosts side!

It allows you to gain full control over you Dreamcast like:
- Memory dump/edit over the full range.
- Disassembly over the full range.
- Up / download of files between DC and Host.
- Search engine (ASCII / Hex).
- Console mode. "

If you wonder what this machine will do for you possibly much possibly nothing. The author says:

"..Don't ask me / us about ANY illegal crap like the possibility of copying games or the availability of any form of the SEGA development software - we dont have it, we dont need it and any questions about this will be directly routed to the responsible persons ! We dont want to build up another pirate crapware part, this is just some funstuff development to open another amateur programming door on a cool next-generation console.."

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