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Appeared on: Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Imagination Extends the MIPS Warrior CPU Family

Imagination Technologies has added new chips to its MIPS Warrior CPU product line. The additions include the embedded 32-bit M-class M6200 and M6250 CPUs and high-end P-class P6600 64-bit CPU.

The MIPS P6600 is the next evolution of the MIPS P-class family, building on the 32-bit P5600 CPU, and paving the way to future generations of higher performance 64-bit MIPS processors. The P6600 is a balanced mainstream high-performance CPU choice, enabling multicore 64-bit SoCs with area efficiency for applications in segments including mobile, home entertainment, networking, automotive and more.

The MIPS M6200 and M6250 are the latest additions to Imagination’s M-class family processors for MCUs/MPUs for embedded designs in segments requiring higher performance and larger address space, including wired/wireless modems, GPU supervisor processors, flash and SSD controllers, packet processing, industrial and motor control, voice processing and more.

All based on the MIPS Release 6 (r6) architecture.

MIPS P6600 key features


Target TSMC 28HPM
Frequency 1 GHz – 2+ GHz
CoreMark/MHz (per core) > 5
Total CoreMark @ 1.5GHz > 7500 per core
DMIPS/MHz (per core) 3.5
Total DMIPS @ 1.5GHz > 5250 per core

The internal architecture of the MIPS P6600 64-bit CPU

System designers can use this new P-class Warrior CPU in configurations that range from single to hexacore clusters. The figure below shows a block diagram of the MIPS P6600 Multiprocessing System (MPS) that includes a Coherence Manager (CM2) with integrated L2 cache for a more streamlined data flow.

MIPS M6200 MCU & M6250 MPU key features

M6200 MCU:

M6250 MPU:

28HPM 12T SVt



Freq (MHz)



Core Area (mm2)



Core Power  (µW/MHz)



These M-class processors are 6-stage pipeline designs that implement the MIPS32 Release 6 architecture and also include support for the microMIPS32 ISA, a set of optimized 16-bit and 32-bit instructions that provide a reduction in code size with a performance equivalent to MIPS32.

MIPS M6200 is a 32-bit M-class CPU designed for microcontroller and embedded devices that run real-time operating systems; the processor includes an SRAM controller and 64-bit instruction and data SRAM interfaces.

MIPS M6250 is a 32-bit M-class CPU designed for microprocessor devices that require Linux capabilities; it includes a high-speed 64-bit AXI bus interface, a Memory Management Unit (MMU), data and instruction cache controllers, and support for eXtended Memory Addressing (XPA) to 40-bit physical address space (up to 1 TB of system memory).

The M6200, M6250 and P6600 are all available now.

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