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Appeared on: Wednesday, January 08, 2014
CES: Epson Showcases New Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Epson at CES announced its second generation Moverio "smart glasses" with a combination of new features geared to transform how consumers experience games, video entertainment and the world around them.

Sporting a light design, the Epson Moverio BT-200 is a binocular display using a miniaturized LCD-based projection lens system and optical light guide in each side of the glasses. The Moverio platform's binocular optical system projects see-through overlays of digital content onto the real-world in the center of the smart glasses' field of view.

The Moverio BT-200 projects a stereoscopic virtual display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 23-degree field of view. A 360-degree panoramic experience is possible through third-party software that takes advantage of the glasses' head-tracking features. For better viewing privacy, Moverio's projection system features unique light guide angles which prevent other people from viewing the projected content.

The compact Moverio BT-200 delivers a transparent display with 960 x 540 pixel (qHD) resolution. It includes gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetic compass sensors, enabling head-motion tracking for gaming and hands-free navigation.

A front-facing camera enables image and video capture as well as marker detection for AR apps that give users relevant information related to the real-world.

A handheld controller unit powered by Android 4.0 provides a open-source development environment and gives users access to augmented reality apps.

The Moverio BT-200 also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows streaming of video content while an optional wireless mirroring adapter enables streaming of high-definition video from content source devices with HDMI connectivity such as DVD players.

High definition video playback (MP4 with H.264 plus AAC encoding) along with Bluetooth 3.0 are also supported.

A MicroSD card slot supports up to 32GB of external memory, allowing users to view personal content even when wireless access is unavailable.

Last but not least, Dolby Digital Plus produces a full-body surround sound experience.

Epson is demonstrating at CES Moverio consumer and enterprise apps, ranging from AR gaming to medical imaging to service repair:

- NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc. - A table-top virtual fighting game using augmented reality characters
- PSYCLOPS - A virtual reality, first-person shooter by smart glasses app developer Sean McCracken where you have to defend your city from invading aliens
- Sky Temple - A virtual reality, first-person adventure game also by Sean McCracken where you must collect gems and avoid falling thousands of feet below
- Scope AR - ScopeAssist, an in-view, augmented reality assistance app to vastly simplify unfamiliar tasks. CES vsitors received voice-driven guidance in one of the most daunting tasks in the modern household.
- Quest-Com - Shooting game using augmented reality characters

Moverio Technology Enterprise Demos

- APX Labs - Multiple demonstrations running on their Skylight platform, a complete and integrated software solution for enterprise smart glasses

- Crane Morley - Augmented reality-based training and consumer marketing apps for the automotive industry

- Evena Medical - Demonstration of the Eyes-On Glasses, a point-of-care wearable medical imaging system which enables nurses to see "through" a patient's skin to the vasculature beneath

- Metaio - Multiple demonstrations running on their platform, including an augmented reality-based app to maintain and repair a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner

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