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Appeared on: Sunday, May 19, 2002
Protect Your Hard Drive with a Coat of Armor from Cremax

The Cremax ICY DOCK Series Removable Hard Disk Modules are designed to turn your 3.5" form factor hard disk drives into a removable or hot swappable device. The ICY Dock modules will fit into any standard 5.25" drive bays in workstations, external data towers, server systems or industrial rackmount computers.

While making your valuable hard disk removable, transportable and hot swappable, the ICY Dock Modules also provide excellent cooling system to make your data transfer more reliable. Moreover, our support team is honored to provide a full range of services to our customers.


Experienced computer professionals choose Cremax's ICY Dock Series for their ease of use and low maintenance. The newest models have been improved by using the connectors with the highest reliability and the fan has been designed to mount in the front instead of the back. By drawing cool air in, the fan keeps the drives and the fan itself at a lower temperature for a longer lifespan. Being in the front also allows the fan to be easily and quickly replaced if ever there is a need for maintenance.

By installing a 3.5" form factor hard disk drive into the ICY Dock, you will be able to remove your hard drive by simply unlocking the device. ICY Dock provides you with the portability feature, allowing you to secure your valuable data or transport it between different computers.

The ICY Dock Series of Removable Hard Disk Modules allow you to use a number of different operating systems in a single computer environment giving you greater flexibility to meet the ever demanding applications in multiple environments.

With Cremax ICY Dock's optional Fan Fail Alarm and Over Heat Sensor, your mission critical drives are protected by this audible and visible warning system. The feature will notify you if the fan stops completely or if your hard drive begins to over heat. This feature adds an extra level of precaution against drive damage or loss of data.

Most of the data saved on storage drives by businesses and government offices is confidential! One of the most essential uses for Cremax ICY Dock Series Removable Hard Disk Modules is to protect your confidential information from any theft or unauthorized access. This is easily done by simply removing the ICY Dock module containing the hard drive and securing it in a locked safe.

Ultimate Data Protection and Backup Solutions
The Cremax ICY Dock Series Removable Hard Disk Modules are designed to work with today's RAID technology. ICY Docks' are fully compliance compliant to all RAID levels and various RAID features. The Cremax ICY Dock's are also being used with Online RAID Back-up solutions.

DM122 Specifications:

Structure: Plastic and Aluminum alloy
Device space: 5.25" Half height
Interface: 40Pin IDE
Transfer rate: 133MB/Sec
Cooling fan: Ball Bearing x 1
LCD display: HDD access, HDD HUTR, fan failure, overheat alarm, temperature display, Master/Slave display
Master/Slave setting: Four-segment Dip switch settable via LCD, alarm temperature, HUTR reset
Alarm: fan failure/overheat
Dimensions: 148.0 x 42.0 x 235.5mm
Weight: 750g/pc

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