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Appeared on: Thursday, November 08, 2001
IBM unveils the new TravelStar 60GH & 40GN notebook HD

IBM unveiled the Travelstar 60GH and 40GN family. The Travelstar 60GH, at 60 GB and 5400 RPM, is the industry's highest-capacity, highest-performing 2.5-inch notebook drive. The 40GN offers 40, 30, 20 and 10 GB capacities at 20 GB per disk and spinning at 4200 RPM. As a family, the Travelstar enables the longest battery life among leading notebook drives and maintains its "quietest" drive title with IBM's Drive Noise Suppression System continued across the new product line.

Finally, IBM introduces new 2.5-inch Travelstar models, offering enhanced availability for non-traditional applications. These industry-first models increase available hard disk drive "power-on hours"2 and are designed to meet the requirements for emerging applications such as those found in 24x7 blade server environments.

Both the Deskstar and Travelstar families are undisputed leaders in their respective segments. The drives also have low power features, which underscore IBM's company-wide commitment to low-power computing, announced last month. Furthermore, both drives have implemented IBM's antiferromagnetically-coupled (AFC) media, affectionately called "pixie-dust," across the product lines. The magnetic properties of AFC media enable higher data stability, and thus, higher areal density -- potentially tripling the industry's current areal density limits.

"We are fortifying the new generation of Travelstar and Deskstar drives to support the low-power, higher-speed, higher-capacity and miniaturization trends seen in the electronics and pervasive computing markets today," said Bill Healy, vice president, marketing, IBM Storage Technology Division. "The new drives' capacities, performance and other distinguishing characteristics underscore IBM's commitment to extend the limits of hard disk drive technology, especially as we explore ways to open new markets such as consumer electronics, removable storage and blade server."

With more than one billion gigabytes of new data generated throughout the world every year (UC Berkeley study) -- an all-time high -- the Deskstar 120GXP and Travelstar 60GH and 40GN families will be key tools in helping users successfully navigate the new digital world.

Travelstar 60GH & 40GN

In the mobile/notebook hard drive category, the IBM Travelstar family includes the 60GH and the 40GN. At 15 GB per disk and a top capacity of 60 GB, the 60GH represents a 25% capacity increase over the previous generation Travelstar, but without additional power consumption. IBM enables low power consumption on the new line of Travelstar with its enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender (ABLE) technology, offering notebook customers the longest battery life of leading notebook hard drive on the market.

These new developments, combined with advanced areal density, noise suppression and operational shock protection technologies, give customers the highest value when compared to other notebook drives. In addition, the Travelstar 60GH and 40GN are able to provide industry-leading technology at a value price by the efficient use of components -- heads and disks -- to accommodate desired capacity points.

With a top capacity of 60 GB, the new Travelstar drive can store up to 60,000 high resolution photos, 92 musical CDs, 60,000 paperback novels or 15 DVD movies.4 The 60GH and 40GN are currently shipping to customers. IBM's award-winning ThinkPad notebooks will use the new Travelstar family of high-performance, high-capacity drives.

Travelstar -- Enhanced Availability Models

The Travelstar 60GH and 40GN already deliver superior capacity, performance and power efficiency for both traditional notebook and nontraditional applications. But, IBM's new enhanced availability models also provide the capability for increased "power-on hours," making the 2.5-inch drive suitable for growing blade server environments, such as Web hosting and Internet data centers, which require high processing power in a small footprint. In addition, the closely packed processing and storage units typical of blade server environments require minimal heat emission for optimal performance, making the low-power characteristics of the 60GH and 40GN even better suited for that environment.

The new enhanced-availability Travelstar is designed to offer users the ability leave the drive powered-on around-the-clock5 and a read/write or data access rate of up 50%, a typical usage cycle for high-performance 24x7 blade server applications. This new technology especially holds promise for future blade server product offerings from IBM. The enhanced availability models will be available in all 60GH and 40GN capacities and shipping to customers in late Q4.

"As a leading designer and manufacturer of blade server products, we were impressed to find that the Travelstar -- already the top-of-the-line notebook product -- is nearly a custom-fit hard drive for our System 324 ServerBlades," said Pat Collins, president and COO, RLX Technologies. "The small footprint, reduced energy consumption, high capacity and nonstop performance are all key attributes that give the Travelstar so much more versatility than just as a laptop drive."

1 1 GB = 1 billion bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessible capacity may be less

3, 4 CDs at 650 MB per disk and DVD movies at MPEG-2 compression

2, 5 Refers to spindle motor operation in specified environment but is not warranty of uninterrupted operation. Users should see their point of purchase for complete warranty information.

IBM Travelstar 60GH & 40GN Notebook Hard Drive
Travelstar 60GH
60 GB; 12.5 mm in height; 5,400 rpm; 28 billion bits per square inch maximum areal density; 4 glass platters; 8 GMR recording heads; 700 Gs (1ms) nonoperating shock, 150 Gs (2 ms) operating shock ; 5.5 ms average latency; 12 ms average seek time; ATA-5 100 MB/sec Ultra DMA mode-5 maximum ;interface transfer rate; 155 grams in weight; 2.5 Bels typical idle acoustics; 3.5 Bels typical operating acoustics

Travelstar 40GN

40/30/20/10 GB; 9.5 mm in height ; 4,200 rpm; 34 billion bits per square inch maximum areal density; 2/2/1/1 glass disk platter(s); 4/3/2/1 GMR recording head(s); 800 Gs (1ms) nonoperating shock, 200 Gs (2 ms) operating shock; 7.1 ms average latency; 12 ms average seek time; ATA-5 100 MB/sec Ultra DMA mode-5 maximum interface transfer rate; 99/99/95/95 grams in weight; 2.4/2.4/2.1/2.1 Bels typical idle acoustics; 3.1/3.1/2.7/2.7 Bels typical operating acoustics Travelstar Enhanced Availability Models Specifications for the Travelstar enhanced availability models are the same as that of the standard models except for the following: Extended power-on hours per month -- 732 (333 on standard models) Extended drive life-expectancy -- 30,000 power-on hours (20,000 on standard models) Increased duty cycle -- up to 50% (20% on standard models)

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