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Appeared on: Thursday, January 05, 2012
Fujifilm Announces New Cameras

At CES 2012, fujifilm will present a whole slew of new cameras, including a new member of its X-series family, the Fuijfilm X-S1.

The new FUJIFILM X-S1 is a high performance DSLR-styled long-zoom camera. It features a 2/3" 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor and a newly-developed, bright all glass and high-definition FUJINON F2.8 Wide-Angle to F5.6 telephoto lens with an ultra-smooth 26x manual zoom (24-624mm). The FUJINON lens consists of 17 glass lens elements in 12 groups, to offer clarity and high resolution through the entire image. The new FUJINON lens has a metal cam design that delivers smooth, zoom control, and an O-ring that is injected with a specially blended grease similar to what is found in high definition broadcast television lenses.

The EXR processor delivers a fast auto focus while minimizing shutter lag and supports high speed continuous shooting of approximately 7 frames per second (fps) at full resolution. The premium long zoom X-S1 has a wide, 1.4 million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) that is bright and clear, and it includes a heads-up sensor that automatically switches between the viewfinder and the LCD screen when the camera is raised to the user's eye to compose an image. The X-S1 has a 3.0" titling LCD display (460,000 pixel resolution) with a Monitor Sunlight Mode that allows users to review their images in bright sunlight.

The X-S1 also features an enhanced, full-body, rubberized grain texture coating, a hot shoe mount to add additional accessories, full 1080p HD movie capture and milled mode and adjustment dials.

The FUJIFILM X-S1 also features Fujifilm?s Intelligent Digital Zoom which doubles the telephoto capabilities and provides up to a 52x total zoom, and a Super Macro Mode that captures images as close as 1cm.

The X-S1 has the ability to shoot both a RAW and JPEG shot simultaneously.

FUJIFILM X-S1 key features:

- 2/3-inch 12 MP EXR-CMOS sensor
- High quality FUJINON 26x optical precision zoom 24-624mm (35mm equivalent) with Intelligent Digital Zoom boosting focal range up to 52x and Optical Image Stabilization
- Rubberized coating and metal dials
- Up to 10fps continuous shooting
- Tilting 3" 460,000 pixel resolution LCD screen with Sunlight mode
- Large EVF with 1.4 million pixel resolution and 26 degree viewing angle
- Full 1080p HD movie with stereo sound
- Super Macro focusing as close as 1cm
- Raw and jpeg shooting
- Film simulation modes
- Program / Shutter-Priority / Aperture-Priority / Manual modes
- Lithium Ion rechargeable battery providing up to 500 shots per charge
- 360 Motion Panorama mode

The FUJIFILM X-S1 will be available in January 2012 with a retail price of $799.95.

FUJIFILM also announced the FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR, built for the enthusiast photographer. The new FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR both feature a new 1\2" 16 MegaPixel EXR-CMOS sensor, a FUJINON 30x manual optical zoom (24mm-720mm) and a tilting 3.0" high contrast 460K resolution LCD with Sunlight Mode and a bright electronic viewfinder for easy outdoor viewing.

The HS30EXR and HS25EXR boast full 1080p HD movie recording at 30 frames per second (fps), auto focus of 0.16 seconds, high speed continuous shooting up to 11fps (M setting) and Super Intelligent Digital Zoom that effectively doubles zoom capability to 60x. For enthusiast photographers who want to get even more out of their pictures, the HS30EXR and HS25EXR also feature a Super Macro Mode for shots as close as 1cm for breathtaking detail all without having to change a lens.

The HS30EXR has a 0.26" electronic viewfinder with a 22 viewing angle and 920K resolution that features a "heads up" sensor that automatically changes from LCD to EVF, and numerous other features for serious photographers seeking versatility and performance. The HS25EXR has a 0.20" electronic viewfinder with a 16 viewing angle and 200K resolution with the same "heads up" sensor.

The FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR are also equipped to fight blurring, a common problem when using longer focal lengths. Dual Image Stabilization combines a mechanically stabilized CMOS sensor with high ISO sensitivities for total anti-blur protection.

The FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR also offer these additional features:

- Motion Panorama 360: The sensor extends the sweep range to 360˚ (shots can also be taken vertically). Combined with high quality Fujifilm printing, sweeping and impressive scenes can be taken, showing fine detail, low noise and high resolution at 180, 240˚ or full 360˚ panoramic ranges.
- Super Intelligent Flash: The FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR offer a flash control system which efficiently controls the level of flash for a given exposure to produce beautifully balanced flash illumination across the foreground and background. Super Intelligent Flash is most useful in macro photography where the contrast between subject and background can be especially challenging, but is also effective for night and backlit photography. Both cameras also offer a TTL hot shoe to add external FUJIFILM flashes.
- Face Recognition: Users can register up to eight (8) faces, along with names, birthdays and categories, and the HS30EXR and HS25EXR will prioritize focus and exposure right on the faces of those special people. Users can also use Image Search to view images of a registered person.
- Face Detection and Automatic Red-eye Removal: To provide perfectly exposed and focused portrait shots, the FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR are fitted with Fujifilm's latest Face Detection technology which is able to track up to 10 faces simultaneously, at almost any angle to the camera. The system instantly corrects red-eye and then saves both the original and the corrected image file automatically.
- RAW / RAW+JPEG Shooting (HS30EXR only): The FinePix HS30EXR can shoot both a RAW and JPEG shot simultaneously.
- Multi-Bracketing: The FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR have 3 bracketing functions useful for high level photography: Film Simulation Bracketing (which automatically sets Film Simulation to PROVIA, Velvia and ASTIA for simultaneous capture of 3 frames), Dynamic Range Bracketing (which automatically sets dynamic range to 100%, 200% and 400% for simultaneous capture of 3 frames) and AE Bracketing (which automatically sets exposure range to even, under and over for simultaneous capture of 3 frames).
- Purple Fringing Reducer/Corner Resolution Enhancer: The EXR processor has the capability to spot and reduce purple color fringing, most common on dark subjects against light backgrounds. In addition, the EXR processor improves the resolution at the corners of an image for more uniform image sharpness.

The FinePix HS30EXR and HS25EXR will be available in March 2012 and will be priced at $499.95 and $399.95, respectively.

FUJIFILM also announced three new additions to its long-zoom S-Series lineup: the DSLR styled FinePix S4200, S4500 and SL300 digital cameras. Each new FinePix camera offers a 14 MegaPixel CCD sensor, with the S4200 offering a FUJINON 24x long-zoom lens (24-576mm), and the S4500 and SL300 both delivering a 30x long-zoom (24-720mm).

Other new models include the portable FinePix JZ250 and JZ100, the FinePix T400 and T350, the FinePix XP150 (with GPS) and XP100 (without GPS) digital cameras as well as the FinePix F770EXR with GPS, F750EXR and the F600EXR.

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