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Appeared on: Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Samsung To Showcase New Home Theater Systems And Audio Docks at CES 2012

Samsung Electronics today introduced a new range of home theater systems as well as new audio dock systems, just a few days before CES.

Home Theater Systems

Samsung's new 7.1 Channel Blu-ray 3D Home Theater System (model HT-E6730W) features the company's proprietary vacuum tube amplifier technology that combines both vacuum tubes and a digital amplifier into one unit.

Samsung's Wireless 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System (model HT-E5500W) is a home theater hub that delivers surround sound and video quality in full HD 1080p.

Samsung also introduced a Surround Sound Bar with 3D Depth Sound (model HW-E550), a transformable sound bar speaker system that creates virtual surround sound .

There have been many discussions among audio enthusiasts over the benefits of digital and vacuum tube amplifiers. Many appreciated the pure sound that digital amplifiers deliver even in a small form factor, but felt that vacuum tube amplifiers create a richer and fuller sound.

In 2012, Samsung's hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology promises to offer the best of both worlds - the crystal clear sound quality from a digital amplifier with the warmer tone qualities of vacuum tubes. In addition, the vacuum tube offers an extra octave of sound without distortion.

Samsung's Crystal Amp Plus technology, available in the HT-E6730W and the HT-E5500W, offers digital audio playback and quality while also protecting the speakers and listeners from potentially harmful jumps in volume.

Both the HT-E6730W and HT-E5500W Home Theater Systems also offer built-in WiFi for access to web-connected entertainment via a full web browser, as well as apps from brands such as AOL, CNBC, ESPN, MTV, NBA and The Broadway Channel through Samsung Apps. Users can also choose and manage their social networks via popular services such as Facebook or Twitter.

Users are able to up-convert content from DVDs, streaming videos or connected media devices, such as portable players and cameras to full HD 1080p. Each home theater system employs a Samsung-developed system-on-a-chip (SoC), which has image quality enhancement algorithms, Samsung's video processor and scaler, and various high definition codecs.

Samsung's HT-E6730W is a 1,330 watt 7.1-channel system that delivers high-definition audio and Samsung's 3D surround sound effect. The HT-E6730W's compact and streamlined tower speakers incorporate the front height speakers. Users will enjoy a vertical surround sound experience, thanks to Swivel Speakers on the towers that can turn upwards so the sound will vertically cascade down on the listener. The rear satellite speakers are wireless to offer more flexibility in placement and eliminate the need to hide another set of wires.

The HT-E6730W system consists of six speakers: a wide center channel speaker for clear dialogue, a subwoofer, two tower speakers which include embedded height channel speakers, and two surround speakers.

Samsung's HT-E5500W is a six-speaker 5.1 channel system, which offers a virtual 7.1 channel sound experience by using an advanced algorithm that analyzes the sound in the two rear speakers to create the effect of two additional channels of sound. The home theater system also features Samsung?s new 3D Sound technology, which syncs the audio track of 3D content to match 3D motion on the screen and adds vertical 3D sound effects. The HT-E5500W's BD Wise Plus feature automatically adjusts the Samsung TV setting to provide optimal picture for each scenario.

The HT-E5500W also features two HDMI 1.4a inputs, allowing users to simply connect to a set-top box and a game console for easy access to content from all three devices. Additionally, the HT-E5500W boasts an Apple-certified iPod/iPhone dock so users can access their iTunes collections without a connector cable.

Users will also be able to access the Disc to Digital feature in the Blu-ray player which enables users to turn eligible copies of their personal DVD collection into digital content. Once users register their ownership of movies, they will be able to access and view this content on multiple devices in the home and on the go, or upgrade their collection by purchasing HD quality versions of these movies.

Users will have flexibility in the placement of their HW-E550 Surround Sound Bar with 3D Depth Sound - they can either place the sound bar horizontally below their TV or split the sound bar into two vertical speakers. By attaching each speaker to an included base, the soundbar can also morph into a traditional looking 2.1-channel system with half-tall speakers.

In addition, the HW-E550 offers Smart Volume, an active audio monitoring system that prevents spikes in volume when TV channels or radio stations are changed. This not only protects the listeners' ears but also the soundbar's speakers, thereby ensuring extended usage of the device. The HW-E550 comes with six different settings - Movie, Game, Drama, Music, News and Sports - to deliver optimal sound quality according to the content of the video. Samsung's 3D Depth sound technology also synchronizes the audio to 3D images for some sense of depth so that users enjoy realistic, cinematic surround sound effects without the need for additional satellite speakers.

The HW-E550 is equipped with two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Support for HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) puts audio data into the video connection and eliminates the need for separate audio cables. The HW-E550 is Bluetooth-enabled providing wireless playback of audio files from other Bluetooth devices. A USB port provides another connectivity option.

The sound bar's main speaker weighs 4 lbs and is easily wall-mountable. With Samsung's proprietary dual band 5.2/5.8GHz wireless technology, wires are not required to link the speaker bar and the subwoofer. The subwoofer, which has a frequency response of 40Hz to 200Hz, can be placed anywhere in the room .

New Line Of Audio Docks

Samsung also today debuted a new line of audio dock systems:

- Samsung's Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier - the first docking system that incorporates Samsung's proprietary hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology and supports a broad range of Galaxy S and Apple devices via both docked and wireless connectivity (model DA-E750).

- Samsung's Audio Dock for Galaxy S and Apple devices - a system that offers connectivity to both Samsung and Apple devices (model DA-E670).

The Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock is the company's first speaker dock and features Samsung?s exclusive hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology.

The DA-E750 is the first device with docking support for both Galaxy S smartphones as well as Apple iOS devices including iPods, iPhones, and even iPads via unique dual docking structure. The audio dock, which boasts a 2.1-channel speaker and built-in subwoofer with 100 watts of sound, also offers analog (composite) input and a USB port to play audio files directly from a thumb drive, music player or portable hard drive. MP3, WMA and WAV file formats are supported.

In addition, the DA-E750 supports wireless audio file playback through AllShare for Samsung Galaxy devices and Airplay for Apple devices, or via Bluetooth enabled devices.

The Samsung DA-E670 Audio Dock is an easy-to-use audio dock that offers a great listening experience while simultaneously charging the batteries of each device.

The audio dock also delivers a powerful sound with built-in speakers that collectively output 40 watts of power and an integrated subwoofer.

The assortment of features that accompany the DA-E670 include an auxiliary input and support for Bluetooth-enabled devices, audio support for MP3, WMA, WAV files from portable storage devices connected via USB. The DA-E670 also offers users a simple remote control. Like the DA-E750, the DA-E670 supports both AllShare for Samsung devices and Airplay for Apple devices.

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