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Appeared on: Friday, September 02, 2011
Sharp Showcases 85-Inch Super Hi-Vision LCD TV at IFA 2011

At IFA 2011, Sharp exhibits the World's first 85-inch LCD compatible with Super Hi-Vision, 70-inch/60-inch large size LCD TVs as well as LCD TVs with a wireless setup that enables a more free style watching TV.

As the inventor of the LCD TV and a leading LCD technology company, Sharp has been instrumental in encouraging this development and has set the trends by means of innovations such as the first LCD TV with a 165-centimetre (65-inch) screen diagonal or the launch of Quattron four-colour pixel technology. This year alone, worldwide sales are forecast to reach at least 200 million LCD TVs. Sharp is focusing particularly on the strongly growing high-tech segments of mobile and large-format LCDs, though it also remains active in the volume TV market for high-quality LCD TVs with screen diagonals of between 66 and 116 centimetres (26 to 46 inches). The LCD manufacturer will be appearing at IFA 2011 under the slogan "Great Football on Big Screens.

"Irrespective of whether they are being used as displays for smartphones, tablet PCs or for large-format LCD TVs and monitors, outstanding technology know-how, strong partners in production and sales, and state-of-the-art production facilities are more crucial than ever to market success," said Sharp Europe CEO Sasaoka. "In our factory in Sakai we currently have the most up-to-date LCD production facilities in the world, enabling us to meet the demand for large, high-quality screen diagonals of 50 inches and more in particular. At the same time, we are gradually switching LCD production in our Kameyama II factory over to the manufacture of small and medium-sized LCDs for mobile applications in response to the rising demand for high-quality displays for smartphones and tablet PCs," Sasaoka added.

Sharp held a press conference on September 1, 2011 at Berlin, Germany, one day before IFA 2011 kicks off.

Paul Molyneux, COO of Sharp Electronics Europe Group, opened by discussing Sharp's sponsorship agreement to become a top partner of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), and how it has contributed to the development of Sharp's LCD TVs for a larger size, faster response, and higher energy efficiencies to meet the demands to enjoy watching football on TV.

At IFA Sharp will be exhibiting the new 60 and 70-inch AQUOS LCD TVs with second-generation Quattron technology, thus providing an overview of the current portfolio of large-format, energy-efficient LCD TVs featuring full multimedia capability and superior picture quality.

Sharp exhibits various types of displays, ranging from large-size exhibits such as the World's first 85-inch LCD compatible with Super Hi-Vision, the new 60 and 70-inch AQUOS LCD TVs with second-generation Quattron technology, to LCD TVs with a wireless setup that enables a more free style watching TV.

Jointly developed bt Sharp and I-cubed Research Center Inc, which develops a technology to create high-quality 4k2k video from full-HD (1,920 x 1,080-pixel) video, the 85-inch LCD (approx. 1.9 x 1.05 m) compatible with Super Hi-Vision TV has 33 megapixels (7,680 [H] x 4,320 [V] pixels) or or 16 times the resolution of HDTV

Sharp will try to commercialize the new LCD TV in Fall 2012."

Sharp's will also unveil new models of its ultra-thin Freestyle AQUOS F5 series of LCD TVs, available in sizes of 20", 32", 40" and 60".

All models are very light and slim, so they can be hung on a wall or taken to any room in the house for convenience. The 32-inch model, for example, is only 4 centimeters thick and weighs a mere 5.5 kilograms, while the 20-inch model is 2.5 kg, 30-50% lighter than current models.

Sharp integrated the bezel of the LCD TV and that of the LCD panel module and used aluminum alloy as its material to reduce the weight of the product.

Also, the company used an edge-lit LED backlight for the LCD panel module to reduce the thickness of the display. The display of the Freestyle Aquos F5 is separated from its tuner. The new models operate wirelessly, as the tuner sends the program signal wirelesly to the TVs, so there is no need for antenna cables. For the transmission of video between the display and tuner, Sharp employed the IEEE802.11n/a wireless LAN standard.

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