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Appeared on: Wednesday, February 16, 2011
2nd Blu-ray Disc Academy Conference Focuses on 3D

The 2nd Blu-ray Disc Academy conference is moving from Frankfurt to Hamburg this year and it will be devoted to all aspects of 3D home entertainment.

The Blu-ray Disc Academy was established under the aegis of the MEDIA-TECH Association and with the support of the Blu-ray Disc Association to showcase the creative aspect of the Blu-ray format and how it can turn into business opportunities.

Through its Forum, the Blu-ray Disc Academy is specifically designed to bring together the creative community and business/marketing professionals from across Europe to share experiences in turning content into profit.

Co-located with the MEDIA-TECH Showcase and Conference, this new event will take place 03-04 May 2011 in Hamburg, Germany. This two-day seminar will have sessions that cover content creation with an emphasis on advance interactive features and how these can unlock market opportunities.

In keeping with the philosophy that underlies the Blu-ray Disc Academy, the event will combine keynote presentations, interviews, panel discussions and ? foremost - live demonstrations.

This year, industry insiders will provide an analysis of the 3D home entertainment market. Registered just one year ago as consumer electronics products, the market growth is as fast as it was initially expected.

Another hot topic will be the battle of the 3D display standards and mainly their impact to consumers. The 3D theatrical technology that works with inexpensive easy-to-produce passive eyewear attempts to migrate into the home entertainment market where so far expensive battery-operated active shutter glasses are the norm. But what is the trade-off?

Though the specifications for active shutter glasses had been approved, most 3D eyewears are still tied to their own manufacturers? 3D TV sets. Will this 'proprietary' approach create an additional hurdle the industry does not need right now? Will it let makers of 'universal' 3D glasses resolve the issue? And why 3D eyewears are still so uncomfortable to wear?

The seminar will also focus on the stereoscopic vision and the health issues arised by the medical community.

Authoring and post-production facilities will have the chance to learn what it actually takes to "do" a 3D BD title.

Sooner or later, 2D content, especially catalogue titles, will be given the 3D treatment. Many professionals fear that less than satisfactory 2D-to-3D conversion kits already available could potentially kill off the burgeoning 3D market. Will publishers cut corners in order to rush 3D content into the pipeline?

As many demonstrations point to 3D as the natural home of gaming, Will gaming, where players are used to holding devices, be the engine of growth for the 3D technology where viewers might get used to wear glasses?

Still trying to figure out how 3D glasses work, consumers already read about glasses-free 3D technologies, and the very same CE manufacturers pushing active shutter eye wears already announced glasses-free 3D products in the shops. Will consumers hold their breath and wait for them? What are the competing technologies? And how do they fare?

In a highly competitive television marketplace where cable and internet delivery elbow their way for the front seat, broadcasters are embracing 3D. 3DTV channels are already up and running. Will 3D broadcasting and 3D Blu-ray packaged media build on each other or reduce each others? breathing space?

While 3D is generally seen as the revolution that will boost the Blu-ray format, BD-Live is an evolution that is finding its niche, though slowly. Augmented Reality offers new creative uses of the BD disc as well. What is the state of affairs of BD-Live and Augmented Reality to date and can these features have a stake in the 3D BD space?

The 3D immersive boundaries are now stretching to 360-degree 3D holography. But why stop at 'conventional' 3D? There have already been demonstrations of sensory 3D technologies ? let?s call it the 4th dimension. And what of Ultra High Definition 3D?

These are the most important topics that will be discussed during this year's Blu-ray Disc Academy Conference. To register a seat or leatn more, visit http://www.blurayacademy.com.

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