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Appeared on: Monday, March 12, 2007
Gecube at CeBIT 2007

VGA manufacturer Gecube is set to showcase its latest products at the CeBIT computer fair held in Hannover March 15 - 21th.

Many new GECUBE products are slated for launch at CeBIT including the latest RADEON X1950XT series, low-profile graphics cards designed to be compatible with MiniPCs, premium cards with HDMI/HDCP support as well as the latest consumer products like High Quality Video PMP and Personal DVR portable multimedia products.

The new products will be showed at GECUBE?s pavilion at CeBIT in the passive showcase displays as well as the active displays in the Live Demo section. Apart from these products, GECUBE will also be unveiling its series of ultimate 3D graphics card using the latest chipsets from ATI with support for the new generation DX10 technology to its VIP business partners in its confidential (NDA) room.

Equipped with GECUBE?s proprietary X-Turbo fan technology and four heat-pipes operating in tandem along with TEC cooling for the ASIC this ensures that even under the heaviest 3D processing loads the card remains a cool 70 degrees Celsius. Overclocked to X19500XTX standards class (648MHz default O.C. to 675MHz) this product could attract Power Users looking for overclocking thrills.

RADEON X1950XT for PCI-Express
GECUBE?s exclusive Turbo Extreme Silent Fan (dual ball-bearing copper fan) is matched to fan speed control and temperature monitoring functions. The card supports High Definition Content Protection (HDCP), Blu-Ray, HD DVD and 1080i.

GEMINI 2 Quad Display (Dual 1650XT GPU)
Two GPUs on a single card deliver almost twice the performance in just one card and the four digital outputs can be used to drive four displays simultaneously. ATI Physics enhances the display quality even further to render environmental changes with greater authenticity. An interesting feature is the ability to enable CrossFire support on just one single card. This boosts performance by over 70% and can support Digital Video in real-time.

X-Turbo 1950PRO for PCI-Express
Equipped with the RV570 core using the 80nm process, the built-in TEC chip cooling and temperature control allows the card to be overclocked by up to 20%. With 4 heatpipes and the X-Turbo Fan, tests show that this card outperforms other competitors in its class by 15%.

GECUBE will be unveiling at CeBIT its secret weapon (NDA) for the second quarter of 2007. The boards use the latest ATI core with support for the new generation DX10 technology.

Portable HQV Media Player (PMP200)
The GECUBE Portable HQV Media Player (PMP) is a portable device small enough to keep up with users? modern digital lifestyles demand. The drvice has an AV-out to support bigger LCD/CRT monitors, a 4.3" LCD screen, it offers up to six hours of continuous video playback and also has a built-in microphone.

DVRBox (HDD Based Digital Video Recorder)
The DVRBox records and converts DV, DVD, & TV to MPEG-4 video format instantly. Copying videos from camcorder is also accomplished. After connecting a camcorder to the DVRBox?s Video-in terminal, the DVRBox converts video to MPEG-4 with one simple click of a button.

GECUBE exhibition at CeBIT: Booth (No.C 08 ) in Hall 21.

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