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Appeared on: Monday, October 02, 2006
Sony Ericsson celebrates first five years

The company, which is a 50:50 joint venture between Sony and Ericsson, was created in October 2001 and is now the world's No. 4 largest telecoms manufacturer with the aim of becoming one of the top three

Sony Ericsson reaches its 5th anniversary today and the company has much to celebrate. From a start-up position five years ago, Sony Ericsson has become one of the world's most appealing mobile communications brands.

Miles Flint, Sony Ericsson President, regards these first five years of success as having laid secure foundations for future growth: "We have the resources and the drive to become one of the top three players in our sector. Combining the talents of Sony and Ericsson has enabled us to create a world class portfolio of products and services which differentiate us in the market place. Our parents heritage provided us with many things that no other player in the telecoms sector has - infrastructure and telecoms know-how from Ericsson plus consumer electronics experience and entertainment properties from Sony. And the past five years is just the beginning; there is so much more to come as mobile communications continue to converge with imaging, audio/visual entertainment and consumer electronics. This is an environment where Sony Ericsson is in its element and we believe we will become an even more important force in the telecommunications sector in the future."

Combining the resources of its parents Sony and Ericsson puts the company in a unique position. It can readily tap into expertise in telecoms infrastructure from Ericsson and the knowledge of consumer electronics and branding from Sony. As a member of the Sony Group, Sony Ericsson also has access to some of the world's biggest entertainment companies.

Sony Ericsson has one of the most exciting and fastest growing brands in the technology sector. The company has consistently sought new ways to energize its brand image through creative sponsorships, marketing and advertising campaigns, and consumer promotions. The company today announced it is revitalizing its brand identity with a fresh new look and feel, aimed at connecting more directly with the individual. Based on a simple core concept and energetic style, the company's famous green liquid identity logo, is wrapped within a message that focuses on the individual and their feelings about what Sony Ericsson's products, accessories and services can help them to achieve in everyday life.

Over the past five years Sony Ericsson has grown consistently. It has built on the momentum of early hit models such as the T610, an iconic phone which put Sony Ericsson on the global map for design and innovation, to build a full portfolio of products, accessories and applications which include much loved Sony brands like the Walkman music phone and the Cyber-shot camera phone.

Over a short period, Sony Ericsson has built a total product portfolio comprising a wide choice of handsets, accessories and applications. In the last two years Sony Ericsson has become an industry leader in both mobile imaging and music phones thanks to the outstanding success of the Walkman and Cyber-Shot branded handsets. The company is committed to offering consumers a richer mobile experience through innovative accessories that complement the phone and new applications that enhance the user's experience.

At Sony Ericsson, design is about more than just creating a good looking product: it's about the perfect balance between form and function. Design is integral to every step of the product development process at Sony Ericsson and seen as an essential differentiator.

Miles Flint concludes: "Our first five years have been an exciting journey, and we can confidently say we have succeeded in establishing Sony Ericsson as one of the most attractive and innovative brands in the mobile handset industry. Going forward, we intend to make the mobile phone an individual hub to a host of personalized experiences, from entertainment, imaging and music to communications and business."

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