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Appeared on: Thursday, September 28, 2006
KINGMAX releases the world's 1st 1GB microSD equipped with Hi-Speed SLC flash

The evolution of technology has given us multimedia and entertainment functions for mobile phones that we could not have imagined in the past!

Today mobile phones sporting digital cameras, video players, games, MP3 players, GPRS navigation and PDA functions have become a must-have accessory in for work and entertainment in our daily lives! According to statistics, global mobile phone production in 2006 leapt to 900 million units -- a significant increase from 740 million in 2005. In the future, global demand for mobile phones will be considerable -- the number of people relying on mobile phones continues to increase, which makes it increasingly difficult to be without a mobile phone.

Mobile phone usage and mobile phone functions have increased enormously, which has meant more demand for data storage in mobile phones. Of the 920 million units estimated as production output in 2007, 43.3% of these phones will have memory card slots, suggesting considerable demand for memory cards in the future. In August 2006, KINGMAX's microSD 512 MB card was one of the winners at the 14th Taiwan Excellence Awards. KINGMAX released a 1GB version in September, the first in the world to use SLC (single level cell) memory. With the new microSD, KINGMAX outperforms its competitors that produce microSD cards with MLC flash: KINGMAX's microSD Read-Write speeds beat all its competitors.

While large capacity memory card satisfies high storage demands, do so many people actually feel it is necessary to have high Read-Write speeds for mobile phone applications?

The necessary multimedia applications for mobile phones ? whether they are for movies, mp3, photos, or even GPRS satellite maps ? all require rendering in a PC or notebook in order to transfer data. Because of this, read-write speeds are an important consideration for memory cards. Flash memory cards that use MLC flash are quite slow, for instance, in writing 500 to 600MB of GPRS satellite data. As it stands, the data transfer speed for writing MP3, video, and photos is already slow enough to test one's patience.

Having established its foothold on Taiwan, KINGMAX is a proud global leader for flash memory products. KINGMAX is one of a small number of memory card manufacturers who possesses a semiconductor factory, and its own PIP packaging technology ? truly a notable quality in the flash memory field. And, using PIP packaging technology to complete satisfy all memory card production needs, KINGMAX continues to evolve as it develops light, thin, and small products.

Today microSD cards can no longer use traditional SMT fabrication methods for production and manufacturing ? rather, they require the use of COB packaging methods for mass production. KINGMAX's microSD has brought memory cards into the new era of semiconductor packaging: KINGMAX's own packaging and testing facilities provide the strength behind its vertically integrated production process. KINGMAX engages in upstream procurement of wafer chips, and performs it own wafer dicing, packaging, and testing using its special stacking technology, allowing the company to create a large volume of microSD memory cards in a small space and to provide a stable supply worldwide. The microSD 1GB memory card equipped with a SLC flash is certain to start a new trend in the mobile phone market.

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