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Appeared on: Thursday, June 29, 2006
Ricoh Announces Caplio 500G Wide

Ricoh launched the Caplio 500G Wide. This model has the same characteristic tough body of its predecessor, the Caplio 400G with water and dust resistance, a wide-angle optical 3x zoom and support for linkage with Construction CALS and other business systems.

It goes further, however, with new features, such as more rugged impact resistance, a flash range of 10m, and an antiblur function. It is designed specially for customers who will use it on construction sites, for insurance loss appraisal in disaster areas, in schools, and in other outdoor situations.

Ricoh has been the leader in water and dust-resistant digital cameras since the launch of the Ricoh RDC-100G in July 1999, and the launch of the 500G consolidates their dominance in the field.

Main Features:

- Water and dust resistance plus shock resistance.
The Caplio 500G Wide boasts the same water resistance as its predecessor?s, surpassing JIS protection grade 7 performance. Besides taking pictures in the rain, it can even take pictures underwater in depths of up to 1m.

Dust resistance satisfies JIS protection grade 6. Pictures can be taken in environments with high concentrations of dust and sand.

- New flash has an effective range of up to 10m.
The high-capacity flash has an effective range of up to 10m for wide-angle and 6.5m for telephoto, broadening the range of photographic opportunities. (Previous models effective flash range went up to 5m).

- New antiblur function
The antiblur function raises ISO sensitivity to allow photography at faster shutter speeds. This feature is superbly effective for photography indoors and in other dark situations.

- 28-85mm wide-zoom lens.
The wide-zoom lens, equivalent to 28-85mm, was also popular on previous models.

- CALS mode and other features are ideal for electronic data in construction work.
The CALS mode switches immediately to the optimum picture quality for electronic delivery to construction CALS (1,280x960 resolution, edge sharpening).

The Camera Memo function can be used to attach memos, containing information such as the location, to the photograph data. Such memos facilitate later searching and cataloguing of images.

- Optical viewfinder and large 2.5 inch LCD monitor.

The lithium ion battery provided with the camera gives battery life long enough for 400 continuous shots (CIPA standard). If the battery runs out AA-size batteries can be used instead, and an optional AC adapter can be used indoors. Able to use three power sources.

When the camera is connected to the personal computer via a USB cable, it is recognized as an external storage device, so images in the camera can be transferred to the computer without using special software. Single-action transfer is also available from the special software.

The Caplio 500G Wide is compliant with the PictBridge standard that allows direct connection to a printer without routing through a personal computer.

The CCD has an effective 8.13 million pixels.

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