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Appeared on: Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Xbox 360 Mod Chip Claims, a Hoax?

The confusion surrounding the recent announcements by various mod chip teams, claiming that they have a working chip for X360 in production is further firing up, leaving Microsoft with a smile.

The story started some weeks ago, when a mod chip "team" named ICE claimed that it was close to releasing a chip for Microsoft's XBox 360 game console, which would allow ISO images to boot the console.

The "team" had posted pictures of its mod chip controllers on its website, and was even ready to receive orders. However, the specific pictures have been removed from the US website of the team, and their statement reads:
"Chip delayed due to security issues, which is being fixed shortly. Retailer list is growing apply now to be listed quickly. Previous pictures that were posted was due to a falling out between the team webmaster, and the team lead. Those pictures are confirmed fake, and not a prototype whatsoever, please delete them."

However, the U.K. version of the website still hosts the "controversial" images.

According to other reports, the websites for the ICE chip are owned by the same person as Canadian modding firm InfinityMods.com - which is a supplier of mod chips, not a developer of them. InfinityMods' website claims that it plans to take pre-orders for the $70 chip in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, another "mod team" suggests that there will not be any completely "hacked" 360, at least anytime soon. However, the team hints that you can expect to see a hack of some sort soon.

Microsoft will certainly be delighted when reading these speculations circulating around the web forums, since they definitely have a positively affect on the sales of its game console. The software giant seems to enjoy this IP aggression against the Xbox 360, and is certain that its efforts on both the hardware and software side to protect the Xbox 360 against piracy and modding are effective.

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