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Appeared on: Monday, December 05, 2005
DaTARIUS Strengthens its Position as the Leading Test Equipment Manufacturer

DaTARIUS and CDRinfo announced today that they have finalized the agreement between the two companies which will allow CDRinfo to use DaTARIUS' equipment in its optical media and drive tests.

By making use of the DaTARIUS' testing technology, CDRInfo will further enhance its already established framework of media quality tests, with respect to optical drives and media available on the market. The Datarius CD/DVD reference equipment adds even greater credibility to test measurements. The agreement strengthens the position of both parties in the optical storage industry.

Read the official press release below, concerning the agreement and forthcoming new developments which we believe will be received enthusiastically by all our readers.

Two market leaders have come together with the agreement finalized between DaTARIUS and high-profile online reference website www.CDRInfo.com. CDRInfo will use DaTARIUS’ equipment for its on-site tests and reviews of DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL media which is posted on the website.

“This partnership contains all the elements for success,” says DaTARIUS Chairman and CEO, James Steynor, “as both our organizations are market leaders in their respective fields.”

CDRInfo conducts studies and tests of products in the areas of digital imaging, video and audio, CD, DVD and other related optical media technologies as well as publishing news, technical articles and reviews about the quality of optical media and optical drives. The CDRInfo website is the premier web source for information on optical media technologies, with its well-informed technical reviews of all major CD/DVD drives and related hardware and software equipment.

“The CDRInfo.com website sets the testing methodologies and standards for the optical storage industry,” says Steynor. “The site is highly respected by professionals and demanding users in the field, with its accurate reviews of the underlying technologies, and in-depth analysis.”

This agreement will further increase DaTARIUS’ dominant position within the optical disc market with the potential for new business as a result of its equipment being named and described in the published results of these independent tests. All visitors to the website, including optical media and drive manufacturers, will be given information on the importance of using DaTARIUS test systems to maintain the quality of their products. “This will show the industry that DaTARIUS systems are the industry standard for quality control and process optimization,” says Thomas Hackl, CCO of the DaTARIUS Group .

CDRInfo’s aim is to further enhance and reinforce its position as a premier source of information and reference for optical media technologies,” says Alex Macris, Marketing Manager at CDRInfo.com. “By using DaTARIUS’ test equipment, we expect to further solidify the credibility of our reviews. To ensure the objectivity of the tests, DaTARIUS will have no influence on the results. Datarius will however, assist our engineers in defining a set of key parameters and different test strategies where required.”

“This strategic alliance provides a great opportunity to significantly benefit both parties,” says Cédric Collard, DaTARIUS Marketing Manager. “Our joint efforts will be a great benefit both for consumers and the optical media industry professionals. Media manufacturers will be able to see the benefits of our quality control systems, while our reviews will provide consumers with advice on buying the optimum combinations of media and writers.”

Over the past few years, we have had a significant increase in demand from our readers, to further enhance our already reliable framework of media quality tests, with respect to optical drives and media available in the market, says Tony Veglis, Project manager at CDRInfo.com website.

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