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Appeared on: Tuesday, July 05, 2005
DVD+RW DL to be Standardized Within the Year

The DVD+RW alliance held "The 6th Asia-Pacific seminar" at the Science Museum in Tokyo. The road map for the DVD+R/RW format was laid out and it was decided to settle on a two layer standard "DVD+RW DL" for DVD+RW of the Ca type within the year.

In the seminar, the road map of the format related to DVD+RW was shown. The standard decision of DVD+R DL 4X (four X speed) and DVD+RW 8X (eight X speed) was done, and commercialized in 2004. DVD+R DL 8X (eight X speed) is standardized in 2005, and the mass production of media and the drive is begun from the 2nd quarter to the 3rd quarter.

The product rollout is scheduled at any time the completion of standardization of DVD+RW of the Ca type in addition in the latter half of 2005 while two layer standard "DVD+RW DL" also is settling on the standard. The record speed starts from 2.4 X speed.

DVD+RW DL under development. The Getta value of Layer0 is being decreased up to about 9% in the photograph now though is 10% or more.

It is said, "Reflectivity aims at about 5% though there is technically a difficult point (the second layer), too" though the decrease in reflectivity etc. are expected along with making to two layers. Moreover, to value the reproduction interchangeability「The reproduction standard for the player is first decided before the standard of DVD+RW DL is settled on, and early correspondence by the DVD player is called. I want to lose the problem concerning the interchangeability at product release as much as possible. 」It makes it.

Moreover, about the future speed-up「It cannot declare where to go because of the research stage still. However, I want to work aiming at 16 X speed called a physical limit of the DVD disk. 」It says.

DVD+RW also aims at 16 X speed.

Moreover, the speed-up standard of DVD+RW is being settled on. A further speed-up standard is done to the test of 16 X speed by the decision schedule in 2006 though even eight X speed is prepared now. DVD+R DL settled on up to eight the present X speed is scheduled to attempt further speed-up similarly, too.

The DVD+RW alliance is promoting VCPS(Video Content Protection System) that HP and Philips developed as a copy protection technology. As for the approval time, it is undecided though the Copewans broadcasting of Japan is being applied to ARIB by the correspondence schedule by Philips in VCPS through groups such as D-PA and BPA.

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