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Appeared on: Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Paramount And Warner Home Video Welcomes New Line-up of HD DVD Discs

Paramount and Warner Home Video today welcomed the announcement by Toshiba Corporation of two new types of new HD DVD ROM (read-only) discs.

The introductions include a 45GB, high-capacity ROM disc, and a 38.5GB DVD/HD DVD hybrid disc. These new discs will be presented at MediaTech Expo 2005 HD DVD Workshop, a technology forum for media replicators held in Las Vegas on May 11th.

HD DVD, the next-generation DVD, currently has already established two types of ROM disc: a 15GB version (single-layer, single sided) and a 30GB disc (double-layer, single-sided.) Both of these disc formats have been approved and standardized at the DVD Forum. In addition to these, Toshiba has just announced a triple-layered, 45GB disc, and a double-sided, double-layer hybrid ROM disc that can store 30GB of high-definition content on one side 8.5GB of standard-definition content on the other.

"Paramount welcomes the arrival of these new types of discs that reinforce the next-generation HD DVD solution by offering a potent combination of proven cost efficiency, superior performance and large storage capacity," said Thomas Lesinski, President Paramount Pictures, Worldwide Home Entertainment. "These new developments significantly add to the potential offered by HD DVD, including the freedom to combine a wide range of attractive content on a single disc as well as the addition of more features and functions."

Paramount Pictures is part of the entertainment operations of Viacom Inc., one of the world's largest entertainment and media companies, and a leader in the production, promotion, and distribution of entertainment, news, sports, and music.

Warner Home Video also welcomes the announcement of the new discs as they reinforce an ideal next-generation HD solution, offering a strong combination of superior performance, proven cost efficiency, large storage capacity and compatibility with current DVD.

"HD DVD now provides a superb range of real-world consumer solutions, allowing the accommodation of two generations of content -- standard definition and HD DVD -- on a single disc," said Marsha King, EVP & General Manager, Warner Home Video. "The new suite of discs further broadens the spectrum of HD DVD products, continuing to address the need for lower cost and maximum consumer benefits while delivering various levels of capacity for content owners."

Preliminary WHV consumer research shows that interest in the hybrid disc is very high, with 77% of consumers being very interested in purchasing the hybrid HD DVD products. Among consumers who do not yet own HDTV, but intend to purchase HDTV televisions in the next 12 months, this interest increases to 89%. This supports the belief that consumers are attracted to a product that is "future proof."

With operations in 90 international territories, Warner Home Video commands the largest distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video's film library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures Inc., Turner Entertainment Company, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Home Video and New Line Home Entertainment.

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