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Appeared on: Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Extend your digital life with AOpen XC Cube TZ series

AOpen Inc. exhibits its TZ XC Cube family personal computing and entertainment products at the Linux Cafe at Akihabara on April 30.

One of the star performers at the exhibition will be the TZ XC Cube, which features the stylish and sleek chassis design which looks like a consumer electric appliance. The other features of the TZ family products include I/O ports accessible from the front panel, compact size and small footprint, proprietary SilentTek technology, outstanding thermal performance, light weight ?green? housing, the capability to support Intel?s 600 series 64-bit microprocessors, high expandability, and flexible upgrading modules.

According to Rambo Yeh, general manager of AOpen Japan, ?The TZ family is designed with ?high scalability and modularity? in mind.?

Like the XC Cube family products, the TZ product line is designed with the ?golden proportion? ? 1:1.618, explains Vincent Cho, vice president & general manager of AOpen?s Solutions Products Business Unit. ?The housing is designed with a universally recognized principle of beauty and pleasant proportion,? elaborates Cho.

The four sides of an XC Cube?s front panel are of the same length, and that is why the product family is referred to as ?cube?. The proportion of the width of a TZ?s front panel to its height is 1:1.618, which meets the golden proportion rule.

Unlike the plain look of a conventional desktop PC, the product is something which looks like a stylish decoration item.

Although the size of a TZ product is only half of a conventional PC, it has the capability to support Intel?s 600 series CPUs which are built with 64-bit technology such as Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T), Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology (EIST), XD (Execute Disable Bit), and 90 nanometer technology. The TZ product line supports Pentium 4 CPU that runs at 3.6 GHz.

A number of input/output connectors such as USB and 1394 connectors are built in the front and rear panels so that a user can connect his/her digital camcorder, digital camera, iPod, Bluetooth Dongle, wireless base station/Ethernet card/repeater, memory stick, SD card, RAID, PDA, or digital audio equipment etc. so that a user will never run out of I/O connectors.

The TZ product line features sophisticated chassis design which includes the following strong points: 1) The smallest and lightest 5.25? x 2+3.5? x 4 aluminum-made mini tower form factor in the world (4.35Kg); 2) its motherboard is located on the bottom of case, and boasts of hand-harmless design, which is the best DIY solution to upgrade key parts; 3) most I/O ports are accessible from the front panel; 4) tidy wire arrangement to get better thermal solution.

In addition to the superior exterior and internal chassis design, the TZ product line features proprietary SilentTek technology, outstanding thermal performance, light weight ?green? housing, high expandability, and flexible upgrading modules.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum alloy which reduces the weight to only one third of products with similar size housing. The housing also provides better shielding against electromagnetic interference. The anodized housing not only provides more appealing look and feel, but is also resistant to oxidization, erosion, and rusting. The aluminum housing offers a thermal dissipation efficiency of 51W/mK, which is three times more efficient than the housing made of iron and ten times more efficient than housing made of stainless steel. Moreover, the material of the housing does not create industrial wastes because it can be recycled.

AOpen?s proprietary SilentTek technology comes together with its outstanding thermal performance. The company?s firmware can detect the loading of the CPU in advance and adjust the rotation speed of its cooling fan before the temperature achieves its peak when it is too late to adjust the fan speed. To improve the cooling efficiency of XC Cubes, the cooling assembly features four vertical copper cooling pipes which run through the copper fins of heat sink and are attached to a copper base plate, that is attached to the CPU. The cooling pipes are filled with a liquid which helps strengthen the cooling effect substantially.

The functionality of the TZ product line can be upgraded with an ?expander? which allows users to achieve outstanding expandability. The ?expander? is designed to enhance the scalability and modularity of the XC Cube family products. It offers the expansion space for two 5-1/4? disc drives and two USB ports. One of its 5-1/4 disc drive space can accommodate two 3-1/2? disc drives. The expander also greatly enhances the system expansion flexibility. For example, one XC Cube can add an expander to incorporate CD/DVD copy function.

The expander can also be used to accommodate Serial ATA hard disc drives, audio amplifier, speakers, online power supply, or cooling equipment.

The company?s major business partners such as Intel, Microsoft, and ATI will also take part in the exhibition to promote their products.

AOpen will sponsor live demonstration, talk show and hold question and answer session at the exhibition. Participants who answer the questions correctly will receive coupons that allow consumers to buy AOpen products at discount prices.

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