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Appeared on: Monday, September 27, 2004
SoundPix Unique ''All-in-One JPEG'' Audio Capability on Texas Instruments Digital Media Processor for Digital Cameras

SoundPix announced that it has ported SoundPix's unique All-in-One JPEG(TM) sound capture and integration technology on the industry leading digital media processor for digital cameras.

Offered by Texas Instruments Incorporated, the DSP-based digital media processors enable camera manufacturers to integrate a multitude of photo editing and special effects capabilities "in-camera," and have become the technology platform of choice for top camera manufacturers such as Kodak, HP, and more. SoundPix will demonstrate this technology and software at Photokina in TI's booth, located in Hall 11.1, Stand B028.

End users who purchase cameras equipped with TI's digital media processor and SoundPix software are able to capture images, integrate voice annotations within them, and upload/transfer the resulting "sound pictures," or "soundpix," to their desktops for editing and sharing via email, conventional file sharing methods, or posting to the Web. One unique aspect of SoundPix's technology is that the sound is encoded directly into the JPEG file along with the image data, which eliminates the need to manage, transmit and assemble multiple files.

"Soundpix is truly leading the pack in terms of adding exciting new advanced features to digital cameras," said John Daniels, worldwide marketing manager for TI's Digital Camera Solutions group. "This compelling new feature is to digital cameras what 'picture messages' are to cameraphones. Our customers can now give their users a fun new feature, and at the same time solve the age-old "audio problem" that has afflicted digital cameras since their beginning."

SoundPix is currently the only provider of audio solutions which span and are interoperable across the full range of image capture devices (digital cameras, camera phones, smart phones), image editing platforms (desktop and handheld clients) and communications mediums (the internet and mobile phone networks).

"TI understands the compelling value of sound pictures, and that with SoundPix, users can now bring a powerful new audio dimension to the picture capture and creation experience--and be able to use and enjoy sound wherever the picture is used and shared," said Eric Severance, President of SoundPix. "Additionally, with SoundPix the concept of "picture messaging" isn't the exclusive realm of mobile phones. To be competitive, digital camera manufacturers now can offer fun and innovative capabilities like SoundPix in light of the advent of mobile devices and cameraphones.

"TI also understands that digital images are the communications medium of the future, and that audio increases the communications value of an image. As we like to say, SoundPix brings your pictures to life ... and helps you tell a better and more enriching story."

SoundPix offers a suite of patent-pending software solutions: SoundPix Embedded (for digital cameras and software applications), SoundPix Plus 2.0 (for the desktop), SoundPix Mobile (mobile phones, Palm devices), and SoundPix Web (for web-server environments); and tools and support services to enable web operators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate SoundPix functionality into their own products and services.

Texas Instruments' digital media processor family of products are optimized for digital camera applications, leveraging a highly efficient, low-power TMS320C54x digital signal processor (DSP) core, an ARM(R) RISC processor, plus video and imaging coprocessors to improve performance. The flexibility and programmability of the digital media processors enable camera manufacturers to expand the breadth of their portable imaging and multimedia products while reducing development costs.

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