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Friday, August 29, 2003
 Verbatim announces new series of high speed CD-R/RW/DVD-R/+R media
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Message Text: Verbatim announced today a new series of 52X CD-R and 32X CD-RW media. The comapany also announced new 8X DVD+R media available in the market by September 2003, and the first 8X DVD-R media, available one month later.

8X DVD-R/+R media

The new 8x DVD+R reduces recording time by nearly 50% when compared to the current 4x media. To make this possible, Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media has developed a proprietary recording dye technology which is based on the company’s well known Metal AZO dye (which enables recording at 2.4x speeds). This new dye, called Advanced AZO is used to produce a recording layer with an improved power margin and greater sensitivity that ensures stability at faster recording speeds such as 4x and 8x.

Advanced AZO maintains properties of the current Metal AZO dye and therefore can sustain 1x and 2.4x recording, meaning the new 8x media is backward compatible with earlier drives.

Verbatim’s 8x DVD+R media is packed in Jewel Cases available in configurations of 10 packs featuring a fully printable surface.

Verbatim are also planning 4x DVD+RW which is due for launch in September 2003.

Verbatim is also the first company introducing 8x DVD-R media, available by Octomber 2003. Through the development of proprietary recording dye called Metal Azo, Verbatim was initially able to push ahead with 2x media. That development process has continued and has resulted in Advanced AZO, which was initially used on 4x media. This produces an improved power margin and greater sensitivity and this ensures stability at faster recording speeds, facilitating the development of 8x media.

Advanced AZO maintains properties of the current Metal AZO dye and therefore can sustain 1x and 2x recording, meaning the new 8x media is backwards compatible with earlier drives. With precision moulding technology also used in the manufacturing process, ensuring excellent flatness of the disc surface, Verbatim’s new 8x DVD-R provides consumers with a premium recording medium.

In addition, as with all Verbatim media, the discs are produced using precision molding technology which ensures the excellent flatness of the disc surface. A very important factor as this minimizes errors, especially at high recording speeds.

52X CD-R and 32X CD-RW media

Verbatim has once again risen to the challenge with the launch of 52x CD-R media. Verbatim has been able to achieve this new 52x speed, with error-free recordings, courtesy of its patented Super Azo recording dye technology. The Super Azo recording layer not only withstands the extremely high laser and rotation speeds of the latest drives, it also maximises their performance. Verbatim has paid particular attention to the durability and light fastness of Super Azo; tests show that it is more stable than most recording dyes and the least affected by ultraviolet light.

Just as Verbatim continues to push the boundaries with the launch of 52x CD-R media, the optical storage specialist is doing the same in the CD-RW market with the launch of Ultra Speed + 32x CD-RW media.

The company has enhanced its Advanced SERL (Super Eutectic Recording Layer) with Advanced SERL +. This patented recording layer ensures both reliability and durability at this higher speed. This development overcomes the difficulties associated with being able to allow sufficient erasability at this high speed. Advanced SERL + prevents excess media noise during erase/re-write cycles, crucial to the successful long life of the media.

Secondly, these new 32x CD-RW disks incorporate the 2T Writing Strategy, a writing method first scene in Verbatim’s 16-24x media. The new writing method is required because at 24x and higher recording speeds, conventional recording technology cannot generate enough “cooling time” for creating stable amorphous marks. Verbatim's 2T Writing Strategy overcomes this issue to provide stability of the recorded mark as well as supporting quality high-speed erasure. This technology was recognized as a significant breakthrough at the time of its introduction and continues to facilitate the development of higher speed RW media.

Verbatim’s 32x CD-RW media can deliver more than 1,000 overwrites and an archival life of more than 30 years (estimated value by in-house testing). This is a highly cost-effective solution.
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