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Thursday, June 12, 2003
 InterVideo releases WinDVR 3 personal video recorder software
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Message Text: InterVideo announced today the release of WinDVR 3, the latest version of its Digital Video Recorder (DVR) software. In addition to recording TV programs on a PC hard drive for future viewing and providing time-shifting options that allow users to skip commercials, pause and replay live TV, WinDVR 3 now offers new Digital Video (DV) Camcorder Control and File Conversion features. By combining these capabilities with flexible VCD/SVCD/DVD recording features, WinDVR 3 delivers desktop PC/TV/Camcorder convergence and video quality.

WinDVR 3 is based on InterVideo's real-time MPEG-1/2 encoding technology which allows AVI files to be encoded to SVCD and DVD-compliant MPEG-2 files or VCD-compliant MPEG-1 files. The encoder can also be used to encode to MPEG in real-time while receiving a DV signal from a camcorder via a FireWire® connector. The encoder plays a key role in delivering cinema-quality video with relatively modest hard disc requirements and smooth, synchronized time-shifting capabilities. The encoded DVD, VCD & SVCD files can be played back from the hard drive with WinDVR 3. Encoded files recorded to a DVD or CD disc can be played back using InterVideo's WinDVD(TM), Microsoft's® Media Player(TM) and other popular MPEG video playback products.

When combined with a TV tuner card, WinDVR 3 provides a cost-effective alternative to video recorders and monthly subscription fees. Using the free integrated online Electronic Program Guide (EPG) by TitanTV®, consumers can quickly find their favorite programs and schedule them for recording or viewing. For added convenience, the software provides multi-tasking capabilities -- users can watch TV while they check email, surf the Web or record another program. They can also preview up to 16 channels simultaneously to quickly scan available programs. And, with built-in time-shift recording capabilities, WinDVR 3 users can avoid missing part of their TV program if there's an interruption. They can pause at any time, skip commercials or instantly replay a segment.

For future viewing or to make a personalized video, WinDVR 3 can be used to record TV shows to the host PC's hard drive or other storage devices. The VCD, SVCD and DVD-compatible files can then be re-authored by other InterVideo products, such as WinDVD Creator or WinProducer 3, to create a personal video. Utilizing WinDVR 3's CD and DVD burning function, the files can also be used with a DVD/CD burner for output to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM discs that can be archived and shared.

New to WinDVR 3 is its support for Digital Video (DV) camcorders. Users can now capture video from a DV camcorder via IEEE 1394 support. Files can be captured as AVI or MPEG files, and DV AVI files can be converted back to DV tape for archiving. WinDVR 3 also includes new functions such as fast forward, rewind and advanced seek capabilities to control DV camcorder playback.

To further enhance the consumer's entertainment options, InterVideo has equipped WinDVR 3 with a new module to perform file conversions to MPEG, VCD, SVCD, DVD, and DV files. By combining this feature with the software's authoring and burning functions, WinDVR 3 becomes a very useful tool for creating personal VCDs, SVCDs and DVDs that can be shared with friends and family.

Other WinDVR 3 features include: advanced deinterlacing and noise reduction, a Sleep Timer and unified audio controls for the different audio specifications in the US, Japan and Europe.

Pricing, Availability

WinDVR 3 is now available on InterVideo's web site for $79.95 and will soon be in leading retail stores. InterVideo markets WinDVR 3 to consumers and hardware OEMs, including manufacturers of video cards, camcorders, and consumer electronics products. InterVideo also offers WinDVD Recorder for users who want direct recording, advanced audio and video user control features.

WinDVR 3 is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, and supports Microsoft's DirectShow technology as well as WDM-compliant TV Tuner devices.
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