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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
 NEC Electronics launches new DVD Codec with integrated digital set-top box featuring highly integrated system LSI chip.
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Message Text: NEC Electronics Corporation announced a new audio-visual (AV) codec, the uPD61171, which integrates digital set-top box (STB) and digital video disk (DVD) recording functions in a single chip. The newly developed product features fully integrated back-end functions of DVD/hard disk drive (HDD) recorders, providing a cost and space savings by realizing AV compression/decompression and graphics and video encoding, all on one chip.

Equipped with a newly designed stream processor that analyzes compressed data for storing, reading and editing, the uPD61171 offers multi-standard data processing, including DVD video and digital video broadcasting (DVB), and supports major industry-standard protocols related to digital recording. Software control of the stream processor also allows customized processing such as high-speed data conversion between HDD and DVD drives. Powerful enough for data processing of three simultaneous streams, the chip enables users to enjoy various record and replay functions including time-shift, record, and playback of different channels.

The new codec incorporates a dual-CPU architecture using the world's highest- performance CPU core for DVD recorders. Two 225-MIPS CPUs are integrated in the chip; one is assigned for audio decompression, while the other provides processing power for user applications, including high-quality graphical user interface (GUI) and networking products.

In the uPD61171, two advanced technology attachment (ATA) ports are employed for up to four HDD/DVD drive connections. This dual-ATA feature, with the above-mentioned stream processor capability, supports complicated functions such as time-shifting playback with HDD while programming on a DVD drive.

"As the price reduction in DVD recorders continues, demand for highly integrated system LSI devices is growing rapidly," said Shigeo Niitsu, general manager, 2nd System LSI Division, NEC Electronics Corporation. "As well as cost optimization, function-rich devices integrating digital STB functions are required for differentiation among leading-edge digital consumer electronics manufacturers."

NEC Electronics also offers MPEG2 AV encoders, the uPD61051 and uPD61052, for use in HDD/DVD recorder products. The company's product line-up also includes the world's first MPEG2 AV decoder with IDE controller, the uPD61130. More than 10 companies have selected NEC Electronics' encoder/decoder devices for their HDD/DVD recorders or STB products and introduced them to the market. Using its product-proven technology, NEC Electronics now has successfully developed the DVD recorder LSI codec with digital STB functions, the uPD61171.

The solution kit for the uPD61171, also available now, consists of a reference board and reference driver software. The reference board employs the uPD61171, uPD64011A video decoder, and uPD72893A IEEE1394 link device with DV codec. Available reference application software deploys DV-MPEG conversion and digital STB functions. This solution kit includes all the necessary hardware and software required for time-sensitive development of the latest DVD-recorder technologies.

Pricing, Packaging and Availability

Engineering samples of the uPD61171, as well as the software development tools, will be available beginning April 17. The device is packaged in 449-pin plastic BGA and will be commercially available in Q3 2003 with a price of under $30 in quantities over 100,000 pieces. NEC Electronics plans to produce 200,000 pieces per month in 2004. (Pricing and availability subject to change.)
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