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Friday, January 24, 2003
 SunnComm unveils MediaMax CD-3 technology for the Apple Macintosh platform
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Message Text: SunnComm Technologies, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona announced today that its industry-leading CD copy protection and enhancement technology is now completely functional and secure on Apple Macintosh computers in addition to its present functionality on PC-type computers. The technology known in the music industry as MediaMax CD-3, received very high ratings and is being embraced for extensive testing matrix projects by the major labels in several markets.

MediaMax was officially unveiled during a keynote presentation by Microsoft Corporation last Saturday, January 18, 2003. The keynote speaker, Dave Fester, General Manager of the Windows Media Division, presented the new enhancement and protection technology to the MidemNet attendees at the 39th annual international music market held in Cannes, France. Midem is indisputably the largest gathering of the music industry decision makers in the world and is currently still under way throughout this week.

SunnComm, a small publicly owned development company in Phoenix, Arizona, was named a "technology partner" by Microsoft at the music industry gathering.

As a leading-edge user of the Microsoft Data Session toolkit, SunnComm combines the technologies of the Windows Media Data Session Toolkit with its own proprietary MediaMax CD-3 Technology to provide the final copy protected product. The up and coming commercial release of Ike & Tina Turner's, "The Early Sessions", by Sterling Entertainment, a UAV Company, was a product developed by the SunnComm team using the new Microsoft toolkit in combination with SunnComm's own proprietary technology. The final audio CD product, a compilation of newly discovered tunes recorded decades ago by Ike and Tina Turner, was presented to attendees by Microsoft during their keynote presentation at MidemNet.

MediaMax CD-3 Technology prevents the unauthorized uploading and copying of digital original music to illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing services while, at the same time, allowing those purchasing SunnComm protected compact discs to legally PLAY*MOVE*SHARE the music using SunnComm's PromoPlay functionality. This week, SunnComm announced that Sterling Entertainment, a division of UAV ordered MediaMax technology to protect their new Ike and Tina Turner release, "The Early Sessions" scheduled for release later this quarter.

"Completing the Macintosh development of our security feature for the MediaMax CD-3 product solution is a monumental step forward and one of the last major pieces required to complete our audio CD protection puzzle", said Eric Vandewater, SunnComm's Chief Technology Officer. "The overall dependability and functionality of MediaMax CD-3 will now allow CD buyers to make authorized copies of music on their computer for their own personal use. They will be also be able to listen to the music on their PCs or transport the content to portable listening devices. All of these features are available through SunnComm's proprietary multimedia user interface that is engaging, secure and fun for the consumer," concludes Vandewater.

SunnComm technology locks down the digital original music and allows those purchasing compact discs (CDs) which incorporate SunnComm's technology to legally use the disc's PLAY*MOVE*SHARE features. At the same time, music tracks on the compact discs play in all known CD and DVD players in the market today."
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