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Friday, January 10, 2003
 Panasonic introduces new DVD camcorder VDR-M30
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Message Text: Panasonic is once again leading the way as an innovator in the world of DVD entertainment with today’s introduction of the sleek VDR-M30 DVD camcorder. This innovative camcorder records high-quality digital video and still images onto removable 8cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R1 discs, offering the ability of non-linear editing of home videos right in the camcorder. The innovative DVD-RAM and DVD-R video recording technology employed in the new unit complies with the recording formats standardized by the DVD Forum. The new model VDR-M30 also features an SD Memory Card slot. It will be available in the spring of 2003 and will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $899.95.

The VDR-M30 combines all the technological benefits of the rewritable DVD-RAM format with the compatibility of write-once DVD-R media. DVD-RAM offers the highest quality in digital imaging, huge storage capability ¾ capturing up to 120 minutes of digital video and 1,998 still images to DVD media ¾ and rewritability up to 100,000 times, with virtually no degradation of picture quality no matter how many times the disc is played back. The DVD-R format offers users the ability to record onto affordable DVD-R discs for sharing with friends and family, and archiving memories for everyone to enjoy.

Recorded video and still images captured by the VDR-M30 can be played back on DVD-RAM and the majority of DVD-R compatible MPEG2-conforming devices. Just slide the disc out of the new disc cartridge and place it into the DVD recorder or player, or into a PC or laptop computer equipped with DVD playback. The camcorder has a USB port for easy direct connection to a PC.

“The recordable DVD industry will be a pivotal part of consumer electronics in 2003, and the VDR-M30 DVD furthers Panasonic’s commitment to this expanding market, “ said Rusty Osterstock, Vice President of Panasonic’s Optical Group. “The sleek camcorder will help consumers adopt the DVD recordable formats by offering the best in technology, innovation, compatibility and interchangeability of this exciting digital media.”

Panasonic’s Hybrid VBR (variable bit rate) technology brings the excitement of DVD recording to this sleek, compact camcorder. Recorded video and still images can be saved onto 8cm 1.46GB DVD media. Additionally, still images can be recorded onto an SD Memory Card.

With the VDR-M30, non-linear editing has never been easier. Thanks to the DVD-RAM format, users can access recorded scenes without the hassles of searching, fast-forwarding or rewinding. Indexed thumbnails are displayed on the unit’s 2.5” color LCD. In addition, the camcorder will automatically find blank space on the DVD-RAM disc whenever a recording begins, eliminating the possibility of recording over precious memories. Camcorder editing features include delete, rearrange, fade in/out, wipe, divide and splice.

Other features include a color viewfinder, powerful 10x optical/240x digital zoom2 and digital electronic image stabilization.
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