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Tuesday, January 07, 2003
 LSI delivers single-chip hard disk drive/DVD recorder processor for dual drive recorders
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Message Text: LSI Logic Corporation today announced the industry's first single-chip hard disk drive (HDD) and DVD recorder processor, the DiMeNsion(TM) 8650 (DMN-8650), for use in dual-drive digital recorders. The new processor enables the time-shift of live TV, enhanced archiving to DVD disks, and full support for DV camcorders. In addition, the DMN-8650 delivers superior video quality and significantly reduces system-level costs and design complexity for consumer electronics manufacturers with its high level of integration.

The new solution will be demonstrated this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at booth #15744.

"Some of the obstacles to the adoption of hard disk drive-based personal video recorders have been device cost and the inability to archive content as you can with a VCR," said Michelle Abraham, senior market analyst for In-Stat/MDR's Converging Markets and Technologies Group. "By combining a hard disk drive with a DVD recorder in a single system, manufacturers can address these issues; and with continued consumer education, we will see accelerated adoption of DVD recorder products." The Scottsdale, Arizona market research firm, In-Stat/MDR, expects that HDD/DVD combination units to be a major segment of the consumer electronics market worldwide, with the number of units shipped exceeding 15.5 million by 2005.

LSI Logic's Senior Marketing Director of Home Media Products Timothy Vehling agrees, "We believe that the combination HDD/DVD recorder market will represent a significant part of the overall worldwide DVD recorder market, as has been demonstrated in Japan where HDD/DVD combination devices represent greater than 50% of DVD recorder sales. With our DMN-8600 (single-drive) and DMN-8650 (dual-drive) products, LSI Logic allows manufacturers to address all segments of the worldwide DVD recorder market."

Integrating the core digital processing of a dual-drive recorder system, the DMN-8650 enables the concurrent recording and playback on both HDD and DVD. With this capability, consumers can: record their favorite TV programs to the HDD while viewing a DVD; time-shift live broadcasts while copying, uninterrupted, another program to a DVD disk; and record from the HDD to a DVD disk, optimizing speed, video quality and storage space. Using the DMN-8650, manufacturers can give consumers a new level of flexibility to record and store more than TV programs -- photos, MP3 files, and content from DV camcorders can now be archived by one system.

LSI Logic's proprietary pre- and post-processing technologies, TrueView Pro(TM) and TrueScan Pro(TM), produce the highest video quality for display or recording purposes. These motion compensation-based technologies provide advanced progressive scan output and impressive noise handling on analog inputs. Unique to DoMiNo(TM)-based products, these technologies represented by LSI Logic's DoMiNoFX(TM) brand and logo help manufacturers differentiate their products for quality-conscious consumers.

"LSI Logic was one of the first semiconductor players to market with a DVD recorder chip and, with this full-featured chip, is well positioned to be a major player in the combination HDD/DVD recorder market," continued Ms. Abraham.

The DMN-8650 is the latest addition to the LSI Logic DiMeNsion family of consumer recordable products and is based upon the company's powerful system-on-a-chip (SoC) DoMiNo architecture. Lowering the total bill of materials with its high level of integration, the DMN-8650 features a dual-150MIPS RISC architecture and integrated MPEG-2 and DV codecs, audio DSP, storage and Fire Wire (IEEE1394) interfaces, and 2D-graphics engine with DVD sub-picture decode and a 32-bit RGBA. In addition, the DMN-8650 is software compatible with the field-proven LSI Logic DMN-8600 DVD recorder system processor, minimizing software development costs and maximizing software reuse for DMN-8600 customers.

Pricing and Availability

The LSI Logic DMN-8650 HDD/DVD recorder processor is currently available for sampling to qualified customers with production quantities planned for the second quarter of 2003. Pricing is $29 in volume quantities.


The DMN-8650 features DoMiNoFX(TM) technologies. The DoMiNoFX brand and logo represent "Visibly Superior" digital media processing for viewing and recording. Consumers can be confident that when they purchase products with the DoMiNoFX logo they are receiving the most advanced technology and the highest-quality digital media products.
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