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Thursday, November 28, 2002
 Philips announces DVD 963SA supporting Super Audio CD and DVD playback
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Message Text: Philips has advanced Super Audio CD sound quality to an even higher reference level with the new DVD963SA SACD/DVD player. At the same time this new model offers the outstanding home cinema video quality from DVD Video discs, and a higher sampling rate for better CD sound quality. This outstanding and affordably priced unit meets the highest demands of consumers who want a single, convenient player that gives them the unmatched audio fidelity of the new Super Audio CD format, together with unsurpassed video playback from DVD Video discs.

Superb DVD Video quality

The Philips’ DVD 963SA incorporates a range of significant improvements including Philips’ state-of-the-art progressive scan technology, Crystal Clear ProTM, the latest 108 MHz video processing, and a sophisticated Motion Correction System using the DCDiTM chip by Faroudja. This constantly optimizes the picture and corrects for artifacts, resulting in razor-sharp picture quality.

Next to these new features, the performance of the DVD 963SA also benefits from further improvements in the components used. The latest digital-to-analog converters (DACs), which are vitally important for sound reproduction quality. The player’s op-amps now have a higher speed with a more than 80 MHz bandwidth and ultra-low noise performance, and progressive scan performance has also been improved with the latest Faroudja Deinterlacer.

192 kHz Upsampling enhances CD play

Another innovation in the DVD 963SA brings a significant improvement to playback of consumers’ existing collections of standard Audio CD discs. By replacing the standard 44.1 kHz/16 bit sampling with selectable CD Upsampling up to 192 kHz/24 bit, CD sound quality is further enhanced with a smoother and sweeter, almost analog-like quality which is both audibly and measurably superior to normal CD reproduction.

Where other SACD players can do no more than simply reproduce Audio CDs at a basic level, the DVD 963SA goes one step further and brings CD sound to a next level. Consumers can choose between 96 kHz and 192 kHz CD Up-sampling options, which allow the best results to be obtained for CD recordings with different characteristics.

Super Audio CD: the finest nuances of original sound

Super Audio CD (SACD) as incorporated in the DVD 963SA is the latest, compatible evolution of the CD format, delivering today’s closest reproduction of the original sound and capturing the musical atmosphere of the audio source with unique realism. With its multi-channel sound reproduction the DVD 963SA provides six totally separate, full?bandwidth audio channels for a ‘total music immersion’ listening experience. Philips’ multi-channel technology enables a true musical reproduction of the original sound stage that gives artists an outstanding platform on which they can fully exploit their creativity.

As an audio disc player, the DVD 963SA plays not only the latest Super Audio CD discs but also all users’ existing Audio CD collections as well as CD-R and CD-RW recordable and rewritable discs, including MP3-CDs.

New Advanced Bass Management

Philips’ new Advanced Bass Management provides optimal handling of sound reproduction differences between movies, with their dramatic sound effects, and high-quality audio recordings. This means listeners can enjoy the heaviest movie effects to the full without the risk of burning out small satellite loudspeakers. This is done by redirecting high-power bass input from the main and surround speakers to the subwoofer, where it can be safely reproduced and enjoyed - both heard and felt - to the full. While for the purest audio reproduction from Super Audio CD discs, a more neutral and natural balance can be selected. ABM also allows delays to be preset separately on all channels, to compensate for different room layouts and placement of the individual speakers.

New, sophisticated design

The DVD963SA incorporates new design features that contribute to its sophisticated, high-class appearance, such as an aluminum front, blue LEDs and a slimmer disc loading tray. The DVD963SA is styled to be a perfect match to Philips’ other high-end audio and video components, including a wide choice of home cinema receivers, TV sets and VCRs. This gives consumers the freedom to compose their own, fully co-ordinated systems from an outstanding range of components.

The DVD963SA is a further development of the successful DVD962SA, which was universally acclaimed for its exceptional combination of audio and video performance. The DVD963SA incorporates a number of innovations that result in further significant performance enhancements

With its unique combination of state-of-the-art audio and video reproduction facilities, the Philips DVD 963A is a superb home player that handles all today’s high-quality disc formats with the outstanding reproduction quality of which they are capable. This model gives consumers the full benefits of both today’s high-quality formats: SACD for outstanding audio quality, and DVD Video for convenient, high-quality digital video reproduction.
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