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Friday, November 15, 2002
 MedioStream to preview all-in-one DVD solution at COMDEX 2002
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Message Text: MedioStream, a leading provider of PC-based consumer software for recording video to DVDs and CDs, today announced that it will demonstrate its much-anticipated All-in-One integrated DVD solution for data, audio and video (including advanced editing and software DVD player) at COMDEX 2002, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 18 through the 22nd. MedioStream's All-in-One integrated DVD solution will be shown, by invitation only, to the media and OEMs at the DVD+RW Alliance booth # 8141 located in Central Hall.

This is the latest industry-first achievement from MedioStream. While there are different software bundles on the market today, there is no integrated solution for consumers to easily take advantage of the DVD format and media for storage of data, audio or video. With MedioStream's All-in-One integrated DVD solution, consumers have a single point of entry to author their DVDs. Users will be able to access each functional module (capture video, create/edit video, copy video, advanced video editing, create data or audio, play DVD) via the NEO TaskBar, which rests on the desktop once the application is launched. Each functional module has its own unique interface, and all the options specific to that function are presented on one, easy-to-understand interface.

"We work closely with our OEM partners to deliver products that their customers want and what we hear repeatedly is 'integrated data, audio and video DVD solution'," said Gordon Doran, MedioStream Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "By being the industry leader, MedioStream helps our OEM partners stay ahead of the competition. With our unique NEO TaskBar modular approach, introduced with neoDVD 4.0, we were able to easily implement data, audio, advanced video editing and DVD playback functionalities without compromising ease of use."

In addition to being the first in the industry to unveil an All-in-One integrated DVD solution, MedioStream is:

The first company to offer industry-standard Video Recording (+VR) support for DVD+RW drives, which allows users update previously created DVDs and by subscribing to an industry standard, enhances interoperability between the VCR, TV, DVR, and PC (e.g., burn their own DVDs on their PC, add video clips from TV or other devices using DVD set-top recorders, and show the finished disc on the PC or TV).

The first company to offer true Direct-to-Disc Recording, which writes files directly to disc instead of creating a disc image on the hard drive first. This reduces hard disk drive requirements and makes the process of creating a DVD easier than ever. MedioStream's neoDVD builds and burns at the same time, offering truly Direct-to-Disc Recording that saves users both storage space and time.

The first and only company that can deliver better than real-time performance when converting DV AVI files to DVD. Tests show that neoDVD 4.0 is twice as fast as its nearest competitor.

The only company that offers a DVD authoring software on the market today that is compatible with DVD+RW set-top recorders that use Dolby® audio.

MedioStream's neoDVDstandard is currently bundled with: Sony's DVD+RW drive sold worldwide (DRU-120A ATAPI internal model and DRX-120L i.LINK external burners); Ricoh's MP5125A DVD+RW/+R internal drives in Europe and Japan; the new line of Prius Deck PCs from Hitachi, which feature both DVD-RAM/R and CD-R/RW drives; AVerMedia's AVerDVD EZMaker analog capture card; and AOpen's new DVRW2412PRO DVD+RW/+R drives shipped worldwide.
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