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Wednesday, November 06, 2002
 Oak Technology debuts industry's highest performance 52X CD-RW controller with integrated microprocessor
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Message Text: Oak Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: OAKT - News) today announced its next-generation OTI-9510 CD-RW controller. The OTI-9510 combines industry-leading performance with a high level of silicon integration achieved through embedding an ARM7(TM) microprocessor core onto the OTI-9510 silicon die. CD-RW drives built around the OTI-9510 will combine the highest drive performance at a lower system cost and with fewer components than in previous generations of CD-RW drives. The OTI-9510 allows Oak's customers to retain their lead in what is now the optical storage industry's highest volume and most competitive segment.

The OTI-9510 is suitable for use in all CD-RW drive applications including consumer electronics and half-height and slimline PC products. The OTI-9510 is capable of reading CD discs at 52X speed, writing CD-R (write once) discs at 52X and re-writing CD-RW (write many times) discs at 32X speeds using the latest ultraspeed media. These speeds correspond to recording a 74-minute audio CD in less than two and one-half minutes and a writing a 650MB data CD-RW disc in approximately three and one-half minutes. The OTI-9510 also provides full support for the latest Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) operation, which permits faster and more reliable disc writing with significantly quieter drive operation. Oak's patent pending ExacLink(TM) buffer underrun protection ensures that the OTI-9510 is one of the most reliable CD-RW controllers on the market.

"Consumers are increasingly demanding faster recording speeds for storing music, data, and video, and high-volume growth in this segment of the market has permitted continual drive cost reduction for the end consumer," said John Squire, senior vice president and general manager for Oak's Optical Storage Group. "The OTI-9510 offers state-of-the-art performance and the next level of silicon integration to allow our customers to continue to successfully compete in this attractive market."

IDC Forecasts Continued CD-RW Market Growth

IDC projects that CD-RW drive growth will be driven by the increased adoption of CD-RW drives in home office and small business PCs for file backup and data exchange, and supported by continued reductions in end user prices for drives and recordable media. CD-RW drives are now becoming standard equipment on even the entry-level home and business PCs.

"Increasing CD-R write speed to 52X and CD-RW re-write speed to 32X places Oak in a leadership position with respect to drive performance," said Wolfgang Schlichting, research manager, Removable Storage at IDC. "Advances in silicon integration by Oak Technology and other optical storage chipset vendors have been crucial in driving costs down, which have enabled optical storage devices to be successful in the mass market."

Compatibility with Mt. Rainier Standard

The OTI-9510 fully supports the Mt. Rainier standard, which enables native Operating System (OS) support for data storage on CD-RW discs to increase the ease of use of CD-RW media and thereby ensure the success of CD-RW media as the replacement to the 1.44MB floppy diskette. The Mount Rainier open standard is promoted by Compaq, Microsoft, Philips, and Sony and is supported by 38 industry leaders. Oak Technology has been involved in the development of the specification and is one of the supporting members.

ARM7TDMI® Microprocessor Core

The OTI-9510 incorporates an ARM7TDMI 32-bit microprocessor core licensed from ARM [(LSE: ARM - News); (Nasdaq: ARMHY - News)], supported by 12KB of on-chip SRAM. The 52MIPS of processing power provided by the ARM7 core family at 60MHz clock speed supports all system control and communications functions required in the forthcoming generation of OTI-9510 based CD-RW recorders.

"Oak's decision to incorporate the ARM7TDMI core into their new OTI-9510 solution is further evidence of their commitment to provide developers of optical storage products with powerful and cost-effective solutions," said Dave Steer, storage segment manager, ARM. "The industry-leading ARM7TDMI core is an ideal solution for the high-performance optical storage market, enabling increased levels of performance, efficiency and integration for our partners and their customers."


Oak's OTI-9510 controller is available now in a 208 pin LQFP package, priced at $10 each in sample quantities and under $7 each in production quantities of 10,000 or more.
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