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Wednesday, October 16, 2002
 SunnComm unveils "MediaMax CD-3 Technologies"
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Message Text: SunnComm Inc. of Phoenix today announced the market launch of its newest proprietary copy-control system known as MediaMax CD-3 Technology. This suite of products has been under development for the past 15 months and is born out of the feedback that SunnComm has received from key personnel representing major and independent record labels, CD manufacturing professionals such as Sonopress and DCA Inc. and Microsoft.

SunnComm has tapped into all available consumer feedback information derived from the marketplace, referencing all copy control technology products to date through industry organizations such as the RIAA and the IFPI. The company also took into consideration comments received from members of Congress when it was asked to testify before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property earlier this year.

MediaMax CD-3 is a collection of technologies that provides copy protection for CD/DVD audio discs while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. The product is tightly integrated with Microsoft's Windows Media Platform and the Digital Rights Management capabilities that the Windows Media Platform affords.

When a consumer puts a SunnComm CD in a computer's CD-ROM drive, the computer can read and play the protected Windows Media Audio files through the multimedia user interface but cannot copy songs directly from the CD's main audio tracks. Files that are legally copied using this system can be enjoyed by the user on their personal computers but cannot be sent through e-mail or uploaded through file-sharing service networks.

"The top priority for the music industry and consumers is to ensure that computer users enjoy their `digital music freedom.' Consumers must be able to play digital music on their CD and DVD players, be able to move music around on their computers, transfer it to portable digital music players and even make their own compilation CDs. All of these consumer features must be enabled while protecting the rights of the artist, music publisher and label," said SunnComm CEO Peter H. Jacobs.

The music industry has explored copy management systems for several years and holds any product they adopt to the highest standard. By working closely with music industry connections and Microsoft, SunnComm has greatly enhanced the capabilities of its MediaMax CD-3 Technology. The product adds a versatile user interface to the audio CD that allows direct and legal access to the music when using a computer.

The multimedia user interface facilitates consumer access to Windows Media Audio, record industry promotional content designed specifically for the artist, album release information, artist liner notes, etc. This combination of technologies has never before been available to the music industry or consumers on audio CDs in a secure format while providing full playback compatibility with all CD and DVD player devices.

According to SunnComm's Chief Operating Officer Bill Whitmore: "MediaMax CD-3 Technology is a major technological breakthrough. Along with our robust security features designed to protect copyrights, our tests have shown MediaMax to be compatible with the CD audio and DVD players on the market today. Playability for consumers has been one of the music industry's greatest concerns. I believe that SunnComm's suite of products has achieved the correct balance between playability and security."

Whitmore added: "We currently have several agreements in place to develop prototypes with the record labels in order to produce and provide this product solution. I believe the combination of SunnComm and Microsoft technologies provides the music industry with a very important first step in slowing down the rampant unauthorized copying of its music, while empowering consumers to use computers as the center of their digital media experience.

"This includes allowing consumers to make personal copies of their music and to share their music with friends legally through SunnComm's PromoPlay functionality. I truly believe that MediaMax CD-3 Technology will produce a win-win solution for all."
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