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Friday, September 27, 2002
 SANYO develops high density recording technology “HD-BURN” -Doubles the recording capacity of conventional CD-R media
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Message Text: This is the official Sanyo press release: "...SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the high density recording technology “HD (High Density) –BURN” which doubles the recording capacity and data density (1.4GB) of a conventional CD-R media (700MB). This technology enables inexpensive large volume data recording. In addition , SANYO has developed a drive with this technology for PC’s and will start accepting orders for samples beginning in the end of September..."

- Drive equipped with HD-BURN function
Drive name CRD-BPDV2
Begin to accept sample orders Starting end of September,2002
Production plan 30,000 units per month from Q1, 2003
Sample price 50 thousand yen

◆ Main features of HD-BURN drive
1. Doubles the recording capacity of a conventional CD-R media .
2. In terms of CD-ROM read, write speeds capable of Max. data recording speed of 36 times and Max. data reading speed of 80 times.
3.Prevention of Buffer Under Run error with BURN-Proof function

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the high density recording technology "HD-BURN" which doubles the recording capacity to (1.4GB) on conventional CD-R media (700MB). "HD-BURN" will be sequentially employed for our Super Combination Drives. In addition , SANYO has formulated the standard recording format and started product licensing.

CD-R media is rapidly becoming popular because of its reasonable price and superior compatibility, and used by a wide range of users. Currently , recording of large volumes of data such as video are increasing, expanding the popularity of DVD media (4.7GB).The need for intermediate range capacity between CD-R and DVD is steadily increasing as users demand an easy to use and affordable type of large volume media.

"HD-BURN" technology meets these needs and realizes the recording of large volume data at a moderate price. A recorded disc by "HD-BURN" technology is compatible with a DVD player, and allows, the player to read the disc with some modification of firmware.

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. will disclose the technology used to read the media recorded with "HD-BURN" technology by a DVD player and will propose to other DVD drive makers that they adopt this technology as an industry standard.

Ⅱ.What is “HD-BURN” technology ?
This technology has been designed on the assumption that it will be used with a CD-R disc and a CD optical pickup for playback optical system. Compared to CD-R, the miniaturisation of minimum pit size and the modification for error correction method have achieved a high density recording media. HD-Burn achieves a 134.3 % improvement in reduction of minimum size and 148.9 % improvement in error correction, with an overall improvement of 2 times in recording capacity.

- HD-BURN standard
Recording capacity 1.4GB (Type80)
The shortest length of mark 0.62?m
Error correction method RS-Product Code

Ⅲ.Feature of HD-BURN drive

1. Can record twice the capacity of a conventional CD-R media. The high density recording technology “HD-BURN” can record twice the capacity of conventional CD-R media. This drive is ideal for storing large volume data such as video data.

2. In terms of CD-ROM read, write speeds, capable of Maximum data write speed of 36 times and Max data reading speed of 80 times. HD-Burn mode has a data write speed of 36 times and a data read speed of 80 times using the CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) format.

3. Burn-Proof prevents recording fault due to Buffer Under Run errors.

4.Plan to make compatible with CD-RW media CD-RW media will be supported by firmware modification in the future. Will be able to record the data on ordinary CD-RW media at a maximum speed of 24 times in terms of CD-ROM write speed in HD-BURN mode.

5.Support for application software
With regard to the recording application software, the "B's Recorder GOLD" (BHA) and the "Nero" (AHEAD) will support "HD-BURN". Can easily use "HD-BURN" recording by the use of Video authoring feature and DVD Video recording feature using the above application software.

Ⅳ.Drive specification(CRD-BPDV2)
1. HD-BURN read speed x80, write speed x36
2. CD-R/RW x24/x12/x40x
3. DVD+RW/+R x4/x4/x16
4. BURN-Proof, FlexSS-BP

For Press Contact
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Team
Tel; +81 (0)3-3837-6206(Ask for Mr. Wentz or Mr. Oiwa)

For Customer Inquiries
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
Planning department, Optical device division, Multimedia company 1-1-1, Sakata Oizumi-mach, Ora-gun, Gunma 370-0596
Tel: +81 (0)276-61-8013 Fax: +81 (0)276-61-8713 (Ask for Mr. Miyoshi)
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