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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
 Mitsumi Europe announces new 48X CD-RW and DVD+RW drives!
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Message Text: Mitsumi Europe announced two new optical storage drives for both CD-R and DVD+RW formats. The 485E TE drive supports 48X writing, 12X re-writing and 48X reading speeds, while the DW 5125 TE supports both CD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW formats...

DW 5125 TE

The DW 5125 TE pools 6 functions in one device. It writes DVD+RWs, DVD+Rs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and reads DVD-ROM and CD-ROM media. This offers you the possibility to store up to 4.7 GB video, PC, photo and original music files on one DVD+RW or DVD+R (replaces up to 7 CD-Rs). DVD's huge capacity allows you to store your video or audio files in digital quality without any loss. The included software packages not only allow you to write perfectly, but also to convert video files into MPEG and to edit these files. They also enable you to play DVDs, DVD-Rs and DVD+RWs on your computer in perfect quality. You will of course be able to play your DVDs on other DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.

Type: DW 5125 TE Internal
Interface: ATAPI
Supported media for writing*1: DVD+RW, DVD+R, CD-R, CD-RW
Writing speed: (DVD+RW) 2.4x (DVD+R) 2.4x (CD-R) 2x 4x 8x 12x (CD-RW) 2x 4x 10x
Reading speed: (DVD-ROM/DVD+RW/DVD+R) Max. 8x (CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW) Max. 32x
Recording capacity: (DVD+RW/DVD+R) 4.7GB (CD-R/CD-RW) 650MB 700MB
Average access time: (CD) 120msec. [32x] (DVD) 140msec. [8x]
Buffer memory: 2MB
Writing mode: (DVD+RW) Random access write, sequential write (DVD+R) Sequential write (CD-R/CD-RW) Disc-at-once, session-at-once*2, track-at-once, multisession, packet write
Writing format: (DVD+RW, DVD+R) DVD-ROM, DVD-Video (CD) CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM-XA, CD-Extra, CD-I*2, Mixed Mode CD, Video CD, Photo CD*2, CD Text, Bootable CD
Dimensions: (WxDxH): 145.6 x 196.4 (including the front panel) x 41.6mm

Limited models of DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players may not read DVD+RW/+R discs. 8cm single CDs cannot be written, but can be read or played back using this drive.

*1 This drive cannot record on DVD-R media, DVD-RW media, and DVD-RAM media.
*2 Bundled software does not support this feature.

48x Speed machine

The new MITSUMI CD-ReWriter 485E TE makes burning simple and useable in many ways. The included InCD (UDF Drag and Drop Software) allows you to use your drive like a floppy disk. CD-Rs are written up to 48x. The included "Nero Burning Rom Recording" software, which has been awarded several prizes, transforms your CR 485E TE into the ultimate writing machine. MITSUMI CR 485E TE - the Speed Machine!

• 2MB data buffer
• All CD-RW disks completely rewritable
• Integrated Buffer underrun technology contributes to avoid "Buffer Underruns"
• Supports all standard CD formats
• Track-at-once, multisession , packet writing and more
• Supports 80 min. CD-Rs
• Write to CD-RW like to a floppy disk
• Add, delete, embed files and folders
• Format and erase CD-RW disks

Type: CR 485E TE Internal
Interface: Enhanced-IDE (ATAPI)
Burn speed: Max. 48x write to CD-Rs, max. 12x rewriting
Read speed: Max. 48x CD-RW/CD-R/CD-ROM
Buffer Memory: 2MB + Buffer underun Protection
Conform to: Orange Book Part II (CD-R) and III (CD-RW)
Formats: Reads and burns all current CD formats
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