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Monday, June 03, 2002
 Yamaha unveils CRW-F1 (44x/24x/44x) FULL CAV CD-R/RW!
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Message Text: Yamaha Corporation, an established leader in digital audio, today unveiled the CRW-F1, a High-Quality, Full CAV CD-R/RW recorder, that promises unmatched stability, efficiency and offers the new Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording and the revolutionary DiscT@2 laser drawing system.

High-Quality Full CAV CD-R/RW recorder

To develop the CRW-F1 recorder, Yamaha adopted the Full CAV method for CD-R writing as well as CD-RW rewriting to ensure high-quality recording even at high speeds. In the Full CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) writing/rewriting mode, CRW-F1 maintains a constant disc rotation speed from start to end. By removing any fluctuation in the disc rotation speed, unwanted vibrations which may affect the writing quality are eliminated, thanks to Yamaha's newly developed traverse mechanism with dynamic damper.

The new CRW-F1 recorder features a 2:42 recording time for Full 80-minute CD-R discs (at Full CAV speeds of 44x) along with up to 24x in CD-RW Rewriting. Read speed and digital audio extraction speeds reach 44X, while delivering maximum quality and compatibility.

DiscT@2 laser drawing system

The CRW-F1 is the first CD-RW recorder to offer the revolutionary DiscT@2 Laser Labeling System, which allows graphics and text to be burnt onto CD-R disc, eliminating the need for labels. Customers can put graphics, such as signatures, logos, memorandums, and photo images onto CD-R's unused area after data writing. This unique feature will certainly enhance the CD-R recording experience for many of the users.

Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording

The CRW-F1 recorder has an "Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording" mode for writing audio CDs, and Data CDs, with less digital noise, or jitter. This unique feature enables recording of music CDs at quality levels that rival professionally prepared master discs. In addition to sound quality enhancements, reducing jitter slows the bitユs edge deterioration that naturally occurs over time. In short, it extends the life of important data on media. The new "Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording" support 1x and 8x writing speeds addition to the original 4x writing speed previously available. When Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording mode is enabled, the system widens the lands and the pits, significantly reducing jitter created during CD-R recording, improving audio and music-recording quality to levels equal to professionally prepared music CDs. The CRW-F1 supports up to 870MB and can record maximum 79 minutes music data in Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording mode.

Adding to these unique features, the CRW-F1 adds support for a new packet-writing format called CD-MRW (CD Mount Rainier Rewrite). CD-MRW is the next-generation of the packet-writing format, which features background formatting, defect management by the drive, and the ability to eject the disc during formatting.


The CRW-F1E (Internal ATAPI) will become available worldwide by the end of July.

- Writing Speeds: 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x (CLV), 44x (FULL CAV)]
- Writing Speeds (Advanced AudioMASTER): 1x, 4x, 8x (up to 63mins with 650MB, up to 68min with 700MB and up to 79mins with 870MB discs)
- Re-writing speeds: 2x, 4x, 10x, 12x, 16x (CLV), 24x (P-CAV)
- Packet Writing speeds: 10x, 24x (FULL CAV)
- Reading speeds: 44x (full CAV)
- Buffer: 8MB
- SafeBurn anti-coaster technology
- Supports CD-RW Audio Edit Track
- Supports Mt. Rainier
- Supported recording formats: CD-DA, CD-TEXT, CD-ROM, Mixed Mode CD-ROM (CD-ROM+CD-DA), CD-ROM XA, Photo CD, Video CD, CD-EXTRA, CD-MRW (Mount Rainier)
- IDE (UDMA33), SCSI, FireWire connection interface
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