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Friday, May 24, 2002
 SAI ships recordable DVD writing Utility
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Message Text: Software Architects, Inc. (SAI) announced the commercial release of WriteDVD!(TM) Pro v4.0 for MS Windows and Apple systems. Version 4.0 supports "drag & drop" writing to all types of DVD recordable drives and media, including DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM. The software supports all major brand drives, including Sony, HP, Ricoh, Philips, Pioneer, Hitachi and Panasonic, as well as third party drive systems, such as LaCie and QPS.

Simplified User Experience

The software simplifies the operation of "combination" drives that can read/write a variety of media types by using the world's first integrated UDF file system and driver architecture that supports both block addressable DVD-RAM & DVD+RW discs, and sequential recording DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD+R media, as well as CD-R and CD-RW media,

Integrated Architecture Prevents Driver Conflicts

WriteDVD! uses SAI's "total UDF" integrated UDF architecture. The software's integrated design provides the user with a single file system and driver interface that reliably operates regardless of the type of disk inserted into the drive. This prevents driver conflicts and file system queuing problems that commonly occur when using different software programs to run DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, DVD-RAM and CD-R/W on the same computer system.

"Our `Total UDF' architecture takes the confusion out of supporting various optical formats", said Robert Zollo, president of SAI. "Users have a simple, drive letter interface that they can drag & drop files to, from a single software program to use for recordable CD and DVD mastering, as well as writing to block addressable DVD-RAM or DVD+RW discs. This eliminates the problems related to using different software products for overlapping usage."

Supports "Real Time DVD Video Recording"

Version 4.0 includes support for advanced "Real Time Recording" functions used in new DVD-RAM disk based video camcorders and video recorders. Real time recording optimizes reads and writes of video files to disk by emulating sequential recording on the random access, block addressable DVD-RAM media. This minimizes the optical head movement during playback, resulting in faster and smoother video reads from the disk.

Key Features

Easy to use, "Drag & Drop" interface integrated with Windows Explorer(TM) and Apple Finder(TM)
Copy, arrange and remove files from DVD-R, DVD+R or CD-R volumes prior to finishing the disc
Background mastering frees up computer for other use
Formats in all versions of UDF to ensure disk interchange with all desktop operating systems: UDF v1.0.2, v1.5, v2.0, v2.0.1
Reads and writes DVD video files created in DVD video real time recording" format
Supports DVD-RAM media recorded in new DVD video recorders and DVD camcorders
Tests media for defective sectors
Diagnoses and repairs damaged discs
Recovers files from damaged discs to your hard disk drive
Read compatible with MS Windows and Apple UDF readers for disk interchange
Supports all brands and models of recordable DVD drives
Supports all popular desktop operating systems

Key Benefits
Easy to use: nothing to learn by the user
Fast: drag & drop files to disc. Finishes recordable DVD mastering in background
Reliable Disk Interchange: readable in Windows and Mac OS systems
Versatile: use for standard data storage applications and video mastering and recording in one simple utility
Minimizes customer support costs for PC and disk drive manufacturers Software Components

WriteDVD! Pro consists of four key components:

WriteDVD! File System
FormatUDF! Formatter and test utility
WriteDVD! device drivers
FixDVD!(TM) disc repair and file recovery utility

Systems Support

Supports personal computer systems running MS Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000; XP; Apple Mac OS 8, 9. Recommend 128 Mbytes RAM and 5 Gbyte of hard disk space for use with DVD+R/W and DVD-R/W media. Supports ATAPI, FireWire and USB standard protocols.

Compliant with Industry Standards

WriteDVD! Pro(TM) v4.0 is compliant with DVD Forum specifications for Real Time Recording Files (VRO video files), UDF file system and UDF format. The software also complies with the OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association) implementation guidelines for UDF.

Pricing & Availability
List Price: $99.95 US. Available immediately. English, Japanese and Euro language options.
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